Kleinst-Uboottyp XXXII


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25 October 2007
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Hello :),

let me show a drawing I found in a russian book, "Chudo Orujie Tretego Reixa".
The author calls it a "Walross", Walrus in english, but crossing it`s characteristics with data on Eberhard Roessler`s "Geschichte des Deutschen Ubootbaus", band 2, page 469, It most probably matches the "Kleinst-Uboottyp XXXII", Type XXXII mini-submarine. Larger than the "Seehund", it would have the same propulsion plant. Notice the torpedo arrangement not below the hull, as usual.


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nice find wurger i had always thought it was based on the seehund but this looks more like a biber derivative.
To Wurger: Thanks for this drawing !
I am searching for a drawing of the "Tümmler" ?

Many greetings
Hi guys :),

nice to have Kriegsmarine fans around here. On the Type XXXII, probably a bit of "Biber" and "Seehund". Regarding the "Tümmler", I do not know about any drawings. Roessler does mention the project, but no pics.
Looks like an improved Seehund. Having the torpedoes at the top allows them to be reloaded without removing the mini-sub from the water, assuming a radical stern down attitude or using divers. That is it makes it a lot easier to do tied up beside a wharf!
so that small U-Boat will be post WW2 if it is in band 2 of the Roessler books

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