Kellett autogyro and helicopter projects


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26 May 2006
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The Kellett K-17 was experimental helicopter and had gas-turbine-
powered,cold cycle and tip jet,the engine was Turbomeca Turmo
of 400 hp.

The Kellett KH-2A was a project for 16-seat civil
helicopter,but no info about the engine.

From Modern Mechanix magazine,the Kellett KH-2A mock-up


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here is more info about the Kellett KH-2A,it was intended to accommodate
12-16 passenger,powered by two Wright C7B6 radial engines in external
nacelles.A development of the XH-10 military helicopter, the KH-2A is
expected to have a maximum speed of 115 m.p.h., range of 200 miles
and a gross weight of 14,1421b, with 3,3OOIb payload. Folding rotors
will be fitted.

and the Kellett KD-28 rotor jeep project;,4999.msg39601.html#msg39601


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here is a suggested Gyroplane project by Mr. Kellett and Mr. Wilford,called a Rotor-Craft Symposium,
never seen before ?.


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Hi, little-known Kellett KH-17A:


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Brief info about Kellett projects:


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Thank you Vladimir,

also we can add to this topic;

KH-9 was ASW helicopter Project
KH-11 was USMC assault helicopter Project
KH-13 Rocket was flying testbed (like KH-15) Project
KH-14 was liaison/observation helicopter for USN,Project
KH-25 or K-25 was a convertiplane,tilt-rotor project

The KH-5 was a helicopter project also but no more details.


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here is a Kellett hypothetical future helicopter shape of 1944.


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hesham said:
here is a suggested Gyroplane project by Mr. Kellett and Mr. Wilford,called a Rotor-Craft Symposium,
never seen before ?.

hesham, please.
A symposium is just a conference, a meeting.
The article just talks about a conference that gathered Kellett, Wilford and other specialists.
Nowhere in the article does it say that any of these designed the machine in the image.

You really should take into account all the comments made about your posting too hastily... You've done exactly the same for 10 years now and it just goes on and on as if no-one had given you any advice about it! All this random, haphazard posting is not very useful.

Post something when you can positively identify it. When you can't, or when you're not sure, post it in one of the "unknown/unidentified/various" topics. Or send a message to a member who could help you.

hesham said:

This is also something that was explained to you several times.
Your Google Books links always point to pages written in Arab.
This makes navigation impossible to most forum users.
Allow me to re-explain how to do things for all to enjoy your contributions:
[list type=decimal]
[*]1°) Remove the ".eg" in the address;
[*]2°) Locate the page number ("PA86", here) and remove EVERYTHING that comes after it.
Here's what the proper link for everyone should look like:
A little more on the KH-2.


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Hi All -

A recent donation to the Museum had this print of a mock up and I have no idea what it is. Suggestions?

Enjoy the Day! Mark


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could we merge both threats together ?

Of course, thanks for the clue !
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For Kellett Designations,

I think it was begun from KD-1 as a new series,and it means Kellett Design,which indicated to any concept
for rotorcraft except helicopter,the later had KH prefix,also meaning Kellett Helicopter,and both of them has
the same numbered sequence.

here is a suggested Gyroplane project by Mr. Kellett and Mr. Wilford,called a Rotor-Craft Symposium,
never seen before ?.

That looks like it might well be a faked photo, not uncommon. Likely an artist's rendering, just possibly a concept mock-up photographed, cut out, stuck onto a plain background and touched up. Wonder who really "designed" it.

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