K-100 AAM project

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27 December 2005
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K-100 (Izdeliyie 52) was Bisnovat/Molniya's rival design to the Vympel K-33 for the requirement for a long range (80km) AAM to arm new interceptor projects in the mid/late 1960s. It was initially paired with the Smerch-100 and Groza-100 radars, both of which were ambitious and large designs.

Building on their earlier R-40 design that armed the MiG-25 and similarly using canard controls and long delta wings, Molniya's design was notably larger than its rival, which prevented carriage of more than two units under the Ye-155MP (MiG-31) fuselage. The larger Tupolev designs managed to cram in 4 of these huge missiles in internal bays.

It was intended to use a combined IR/radar seeker on the K-100; such a design was also suggested for the R-23 but abandoned due to compexity and cost.

The design lost to the rival Vympel K-33 design.

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