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Japanese aviation paintings during WW2


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Dec 9, 2009
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I like japanese paintings, and I like WW2 aviation too, so what is better of japanese paintings about aircraft, painted during WW2?
After a little search, I found the following, some taken from here:

Japanese WW2 aviation art 1.jpg
Zero fighter ready to take off from an aircraft carrier. It is also on the cover of this book, though mirrored:

ScreenHunter_23 Aug. 09 16.57.jpg

This is the only one with a sure painter and title: 新井勝利《航空母艦上に於ける整備作業》, Arai Katsutoshi, "Maintenance work on aircraft carrier", Goolge translation from the link above. It says it is a "trilogy" with the following paintings, made c. 1943, as reported here.
Arai Katsutoshi was the real name of Arai Shori (1895 - 1972).

Japanese WW2 aviation art 1 (alternate).jpg
Another version of the above painting: someone can translate the text?

Japanese WW2 aviation art 2.jpg
Maintenance work inside an aircraft carrier, the planes are Nakajima B5N torpedo aircraft.

Japanese WW2 aviation art 2 detail.jpg
A detail of the above painting.

Japanese WW2 aviation art 3.jpg
The take off of a Nakajima B5N from an aircraft carrier.

Japanese WW2 aviation art 4.jpg
Japanese navy airmen building/repairing an airstrip: in the background some Mitsubishi G4M bombers, in the foreground the wreck of an american aircraft (maybe a fighter).

Please, if you have others to post, I would like them.
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