Italy's AX - The Predecessor Of the Collaborative AMX


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3 January 2006
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The AX featured a dry Rolls-Royce-SNECMA M45 turbofan and a 15 degree swept wing.

The M45 engine family warrants an entire thread of its own right.

The source of the image seems to have been, but the site now seems to be offline.


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Thanks for posting ! ... and the page seems to be online again here: ... but as I understand the text it was the "Embraer A-X" not an italian project !?! ???

Especificações Técnicas (Resumo)

Características: monoplano, asa alta, monoplace, monorreator
Motor: Turbofan Rolls-Royce/Snecma M45H com 3.500Kg de empuxo

Span:.......................................8,70 m
Length:...................................11,25 m
Height:....................................4,03 m
Wing area:...............................16,75 m²
may. speed:.............................1.000 Km/h

Otherwise it's quite interesting to see the next Brasilian predecessors of the AMX alias MFT-LF (Modern Fighter Trainer - Light Fighter):

Cheers, Deino


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And there seems to have been another project; the Embraer AX-1:

... similar to the EMB-330:

PS: I saved the pictures of the AX-1 under the wrong name EMB-330 ... below it's the AX-1 !


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Back in the 70s, I remember reading a report in the aviation press of a Macchi M.340 for the AX program. Supposedly, at that time it used two M45 engines in a configuration similar to the A-10's.
Fellows, you are tempting me at posting something I promised me not to post...
Forerunner of the AMX (Italian side) were two different albeit largely parallel project lines: the MB-340 I already extensively covered, and the MB-341. First was a rather simple CAS, second was a more advanced small strike aircraft, but in the end it evolved in a sort of two-engines AMX.
Original configuration on MB-341 I already posted here,629.msg8383.html#msg8383

Then there was a configuration with a different positiones canard (actually it was almost a coupled wing). Bombs would have to be stored in semi-conformal position.


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Circa 1980, the MB-341 evolved in a slender configuration, with vertical fins mounted on the wings. Later, is became more conventional, with the MB-341B that was more tailored to a CAS mission.


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By 1983, the MB-341 for CAS has come full circle and was now very similar to a two-engines MB-340. The final AMX was a blend of the two lines and the Embraer one with a single engine. It wasn't the end for the MB-341 line, which took an unexpected twist, with the "S" configurations, but on this another topic.... 8)


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I have always been a strong believer in two-engine designs for the CAS role. I think the Italian's should have stuck to this in their AMX design

Yes, so thought Aermacchi. Problem was cost. Accepting one engine, Aermacchi proposed to use the RB-199 without afterburber, but again too costly... so the AMX was only barely useful a few years after introduction.
Aeritalia and Aermacchi AMX model at Le Bourget 1979

Source: Aviation et Marine International July 1979


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An interesting could-have-been from Flight in 1978

Delegations from Aeritalia and Aermacchi have visited Sweden to discuss possible collaboration on the AM.X
strike/trainer aircraft. The Swedish Defence Ministry has asked the Defence Material Command to prepare a
report by the end of this month (see Flight for July 29, page 336).

Edit: aha, already mentioned in the B3LA thread.
From, Historia da Aviacao no Brasil,

what was this ?,and if it's belonged to that thread or not ?.


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From, Historia da Aviacao no Brasil,

what was this ?,and if it's belonged to that thread or not ?.
It looks like a “what-if” illustration, just an artist’s imagination. Don’t know why they need twin fins on such a small plane, and those canards don’t look very functional.
Frankly speaking the ORAO reminds more the Breguet 1100 rather than the AMX (who maybe would resemble more a Grumman F-11F Tiger):


Serbian sources write that orao 2 the design was influenced by the Anglo French Јaguar. But basically it is Breguet 1100 because the same company designed the body and back of tail the orao-2


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