Is this possible?


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13 February 2008
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To make a blimp that's a bit fatter than it is tall, powered by some kind of engine that could get it up to jetliner speed while being able to carry a reasonable amount of cargo/people onboard, and fuel to get the job done?

Just curious...

BTW: Err, never mind......
guppy aircraft are unlikely to fly too but they do . Still I would presume the jetliner speeds are too high and 200 mph for an airship would be good enough .
I suppose you're right about the Guppy-aircraft -- they do look like they'd never fly. I'm guessing the reason an airship couldn't reach jetliner speed would be the strength required to withstand the airflow?

KJ Lesnick
ı have Bill Gunston's Giants of the Sky and remember reading you could stand on the envelope of a WW1 Zeppelin and your hair would be unruffled because the boundary layer thickness was man high. I hear there were metal bodied airships and/or you could use composites etc at selective locations but the primary stumbling block has to be that airships are very large (dwarfing even the Guppies) for high speed .
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