is it actually funny , or am ı making things up


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27 April 2007
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30 was a modelling page that ı coincidentally found after downloading the pancake topics at,6213.0.html and,6203.0.html

ı had the page translated through Babelfish which ı have seen a few times as named as a reliable source for Russian translations . ı am not getting anything from the one ı got but the pictures seem to tell what particular marks of Vought aircraft looks like in the eye of the beholder . As always ı have learned a few new things in my work on the web today and it somewhat helped to hear the jet would have gone nowhere ; ı never could agree that in 1947 any combat aircraft formation could be doing 1700 mph or they would fly in Vs and while the Popular Mechanics magazine used the anectode as a helplessness of American authorities in the start of the UFO craze , ı couldn't believe the Air Force would ask USN whether they were theirs either . And the magazine seemed to be so sure about the potential of later versions .

regarding the text ı would like to see if it is all a lark or serious discussion


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