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26 May 2006
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"The bottom line is the mass of the flow operating on the wing is doubled and the velocity of the flow through the system is dramatically increased. All of this adds up to a design that, amazingly, creates its own lift and thrust." ???

Maybe they should stick to the urine extraction system...
Folks, that's not just a project, it's real ! Can't say anything about the velocity
of flow, or bottom lines or something like that ...
You can start it by throwing into the air, it flies quite fast and steady, but not as
far as we expected and it mostly lands à la Go 345, that means, after slowing down,
it dives vertically into the ground ...
But my son likes it ! ;D


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Here is a small amount of info:

They are producing toy aircraft with this "technology"
The vidoes are quite nice.

I've noticed their website describes how much lift this design develops (It has three wings, duh), but it doesn't mention how much drag it develops. When they tell us what the L/D for this design is, then we'll have numbers that tell us how "great" this concept is.

As for the "venturi effect" of the wing, if that's actually happening, it could be good at very low airspeeds, but I wonder if they've made the connection yet between accelerated airflow and higher drag? This design reminds me more of some of the stuff we would dream up in school; it's probably a lot of fun to play with, but not very practical. I can't imagine the structure being cheaper to build than a conventional aircraft.

Show me the actual aero numbers (non dimensional coefficients, etc.) that matter, then I'll decide if I'm impressed or not.
"They are producing toy aircraft... "

Take care of your words and remember what Hardy Krüger, in the role as the
german engineer Heinrich Dorfmann said in the film "Flight Of The Phoenix":

"A toy aircraft is something, you wind up and let it roll over the floor. A model
aircraft is something totally different ! "

(picture from )


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