Infiltrating Countries and Counter-Infiltration Technology


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Oct 7, 2019
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The purpose of this thread is to present the military technology and requirements needed to accomplish tasks required to overthrow a country and it can be any country in the world and also fulfilling the requirement that other world powers do not know it has happened.. For example I will use Mexico to give some ideas for this thread.


I believe that the easiest way without this country knowing your presence or other world countries to be aware that you are there is to travel underwater at sea and than using the sea to gain access to river pathways that flow throughout the country its not just Mexico this can also be done in Brazil like travelling through the amazon and the trees can help obstruct the prying eyes from satellites. Than whenever their is a less crowded area around river banks during the day or night will be right time to start your operations.



There is also a midget submarine called the Piranha-M(very few details). But based on the endurance and speed of these submarines it is quite obvious they would not want to cross the Atlantic ocean with just these submarines. However these midget submarines can be carried by a big submarine across the Atlantic ocean such as the Belgorod.


The Russians are also progressing very rapidly in a lot of self-autonomous technology for their military equipment. They are developing artificial intelligence technology in pantsir systems, control stations like the polyana, and the Burevestnik and Poseidon weapons. So it wont come as a surprise if there is a submarine that created a oceanographic map of where their mission would take place. Use a pre-programmed map of what path for the submarine to take to drop off the entire crew, head to the Belgorod, get refueled and even dispatch more soldiers from the Belgorod to the mission site.

However an example to prevent this would be the SOSUS or HARMONY sea network. And the Piranha submarines has 4 533mm torpedo tubes which can utilize 4 Sirena-UMs which each of those can carry 2 Spetsnaz soldiers. They have like 8 mile ranges I would say its pretty convenient to use to go the extra distance with your equipment.


Tools Needed On Land

You have now dispatched a lot of Spetsnaz soldiers through different regions throughout Mexico making your infiltration a success, each with the purpose to assassinate or take hostages of top cartel members or government officials from either contacting world powers or the CIA that there is a coup going on in Mexico. Now the next process is what necessary equipment and firepower is needed for your tasks?



“The skeleton hangs over the soldiers’ shoulders and around their waist, supporting backpack weight of up to 110 pounds. Its metal arm supports heavy weapons. Earlier this year, we revealed Russia’s deadly arsenal of futuristic weapons which are way ahead of the rest of the world. The Red Army also unveiled its deadly army of robot killers, including the dreaded gunslinger model.”

The ratnik-2 is a passive exoskeleton suit while the ratnik-3 is more of a active exoskeleton suit. I am sure this equipment can be carried underwater in a sealed tight bag inside something like the Sirena-UM where after they dismount and climb up on land start getting the equipment out from underwater. Now they are able to carry equipment above 100lbs without feeling any fatigue.


Sergey Chemezov, CEO of Russian state corporation Rostec, said Tuesday that his company has successfully developed a combat helmet covered in the advanced material, making it invisible to the human eye. The project, he claimed, could also be used to mask troops and tanks entirely.

"We are constantly improving the equipment of servicemen. The main goal is to make the soldier more protected, to strengthen his technical equipment. One of our latest developments is a coating that, like a chameleon, mimics the color of the environment. With the use of this technology, a helmet has been created, which will soon be demonstrated at an upcoming exhibition," Chemezov told the state-run
Tass Russian News Agency.

"They are an ideal means of camouflage for personnel and equipment. With the help of this coating, it is possible to make tanks and other military equipment invisible," he added.

The best camouflage is the type of camouflage that makes you a chameleon. You will be able to keep a low profile to your surroundings or satellites beaming down depending in what environment your in. Also the ratnik gear is already invisible in the infrared field but adding this technology will reduce visibility and the power requirements I have heard to power this is no different than powering a light bulb. So the next issue that might address power requirements for the suit and this technology is coming up next.

The Requirements For Power


"A portable individual electric power source has been accepted for service in the Russian engineering troops. This system is a mobile compact solar charger with a photovoltaic device in the form of a folding solar panel. The first batch of these sources has arrived at the central engineering storage facilities and is now being dispatched to engineering troops’ units," the ministry’s press office said.

The engineering troops have received 30, 50 and 100 Wt autonomous electric power sources, it specified.

"As their innovative feature, the solar batteries use Russian-made photovoltaic converters manufactured under modern technology with an efficiency factor of over 20% in their design. These power sources are designed to accomplish tasks in the absence of centralized electric power supply," the press office noted.”

I have also heard about nuclear batteries for phones among other projects that their companies are making.

Taking Over The Country Without The World Knowing

This is now the most difficult task to accomplish but yet still not impossible to do if you are very lucky.

Electronic Warfare


Will continue after this because of max attachments.


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Oct 7, 2019
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The 1st thing you would want to do when trying to dispose of or take hostages of top cartel members or their government officials is to go block their communications. The best timing is when they are going home from work. You will get the necessary equipment to block them from the rest of the world or stopping them from communicating with anybody. Therefore the CIA or any other world power will know whats going on even if they are crying for help. It also depends on the exoskeletons and how much they can carry because the weight of food, supplies, weapons, batteries among other things have to be taken into account if for example you want bigger EW systems you would want to make sure you can carry that weight. I am sure they will not start to panic immediately like they are getting attacked yet, they will 1st believe that there might be a tower communication problem or something.

Reconnaissance Of Planning Your Attack

I think it would be a great idea to use a drone to scan around areas. See how many cartel members there are or soldiers guarding government officials if you are planning an attack.

1578678655003.png news 10249

“Radio optical phased array antennas greatly expand the capabilities of modern-day communication tools and radars. The resolution will increase by a factor of tens. A modern radar gas a 10 GHz frequency (3 cm wavelength) and a 1…2 GHz bandwidth while a ROPAA radar uses the 1 Hz…100 GHz bandwidth concurrently. It means that a ROPAA radar generates a detailed 3D image of an object being hundreds of kilometers away. For instance, at a 400 km range we can not only see a person, but identify his or her face.”

"ROFAR will allow us to see the plane, located 500 kilometers away, as if we are standing 50 meters away from him at the airport, his portrait in the baseband. In addition, if needed, this technology will look in the aircraft itself, to know what kind of people and equipment it contains, as the signal can pass any obstacles, even lead meter wall, "- said Mikheyev told reporters.”

In the framework of the ELIK project
developed hardware and software complex, one
part of which is installed on board an airplane or helicopter, the other is stationary
is on the ground.
The hardware part of the airborne radar consists
from several large building blocks. It is active
phased array X- and P-bands.
- In the X-band we reach a resolution of 30 cm
inclined range
and in azimuth. In the P-band
we achieve resolving
ability of 2.5 m in azimuth and range, - clarifies
Deputy General Director of the Institute.
Also in the side of the radar there are transmitting
modules, a device for transferring frequency to an intermediate frequency with subsequent
digitization of data, a device for recording holograms and the formation of radar images, block
recording navigation information and digital signal processing unit.
- We have right on board
it is possible to form a radio hologram and build radar
images, - says Anatoly Leukhin.
On the ground is set
complex simulation

modeling stand - high performance computing servers. It is used for computer
modeling, testing
all algorithms and the formation of model radar images.
- The software part of the onboard radar is
a large set of different procedures for the formation of radio holograms and radar
images, - reveals the details of Anatoly Leukhin. -
Given two polarizations,
excluding two polarizations,
with the construction of a pseudo-color or monochromatic radar image, with different functions
display dynamic alignment
on the screen, with a different set of autofocus algorithms, taking into account navigation information and without it
accounting, with adjustment of the horizontal component
speed and the vertical component of speed, etc.
That is, it is a very multifunctional program.
works in real time and allows you to create a radar
image and even video data stream right on the screen
This summer, onboard
radar project "ELIK"
passed tests at the Malino airport in the suburbs. He fully confirmed
scientists' calculations: equally
clearly sees objects in the fog,
in the rain, through dense foliage and tarpaulin, night and day.
As experts noted,
this is a great tool for
border control
and air reconnaissance.
- We counted on such results - they
were not news to us, -
says Anatoly Leukhin. -
But completely unexpected
in the radar pictures we saw large shields laid out by each
after another. There was nothing on earth, so first
did not even understand what it is.
It turned out that we got
underground vision results. These were stainless steel sheets. During World War II,
as the head of the airdrome later said, they served
Runway times
World War II was
covered in 30 centimeters
a layer of earth. Scientists continued the experiment and discovered cables of the same pore at a much greater depth.
However, airborne radar systems are inferior to optical instruments
remote sensing accuracy. Moreover, they
have a number of obvious advantages. The first is the absolute correlation between
radar images and humidity that
allows you to talk about the application in agriculture.
Secondly, in the optical range it is difficult to build
three-dimensional image, and in the radio range you can form a three-dimensional image with a very high
in height, and much easier than in optics. Therefore, where you need three-dimensional
scanning, a radar is preferable to optical. Another major benefit: sounding
land by airborne radar is much cheaper. It opens wide
opportunities for civilian use. For example, in archaeological

So with the production of photonic integrated circuits which might happen in a few to five years. Airborne devices like portable drones for example might allow you to look through objects according to the sources I have received from KRET and RTI. You can carry either a radar or a drone and from a specific distance and see how many cartel members or soldiers there are in the building and even catch on to the habits they do. But bringing such a technology would introduce a possible compromise depending on your mission’s outcome.

Fire Power


  • Your troops have to be highly trained in combat and you would need the right amount of military personnel for the job. For example a huge Cartel building Facility might require 9 soldiers and each can carry half a ton of equipment all together. Do they have explosive rounds, weapons with penetration capabilities to go through the building.
  • Cartel members or military soldiers guarding government officials might not have exoskeleton suits to protect them, aim better, detect mines with feet, etc, etc. or high end handheld weapons that are probably not released to the public. But if they see you make sure no one is alive and sadly this might apply to civilians as well where you do not want a certain incident to happen like the movie lone survivor.
  • You would need a good amount of highly trained Spetsnaz soldiers(do not know if the amount of crew and equipment in the Belgorod would be sufficient) to each execute their missions fast and swiftly as possible. Such as if you killed a high ranking Government official can you within the next 6–12 hours go after a high ranking Cartel Member and take him as hostage. Also you need the right amount soldiers to take down the right amount of government officials or cartel members within a specific timeframe to not cause that much suspicion if Jose is trying to contact Edwardo with 1 hour, calls him back in 12 hours, than becomes concerned to dispatch soldiers or Cartel Members to where Edwardo is.
  • There are a certain amount of people you have to kill or can’t kill which makes the mission requirements more difficult. Such as other world Governments need time to time updates with the President of Mexico as one example.
  • Have you tapped in frequencies on phone calls or have done enough reconnaissance to know who to target? You would also need to last on food and supplies, survival skills and keeping a low profile before deciding to start your missions.
  • The next final issue after all this is done (successfully or not) is to keep control of every high ranking official, maybe the Belgorod can dispatch more troops for better control but you still have to do this discretely without the world knowing.
I think it would still be more easy to infiltrate African countries than south american countries or some small Asian countries. But list some ideas of similar infiltration technology methods or counter-infiltration technology as well.

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