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30 June 2009
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Hi guys,

Sorry if it seems like I'm playing parasite again, but I'm in the dark on this project.

The Indian ATV ( Advanced Technology Vehicle) is an indigenously manufactured nuclear submarine. But ... I'm a bit baffled. It seems to combine elements off SSN's, SSGN's and boomers into one vehicle. Globalsecurity has this to say:

It seems like it would be based on the still unfinished Project 885 Graney project.

Does anybody have any solid info on this project?

Thank you,
Well, with no solid info still available on Yasen, we hardly can talk of sometihing reliable on it's derivative... ;D
I feel strong deja vu in the case - Russian-Indian advanced multi-task sub..Russian-Indian advanced fighter...that no one has seen yet...
I have found a depiction of the ATV on the web. Here it is, and it's lay out is quite interresting.


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The Akula-2 design forms the basis of ATV , its a proven reliable design and platform.

The news is the ATV will be out by September of this year , its almost ready.
Still, no pics. It is kept under wraps for now. A secret out in the open as it were... Keeping the "potential enemy" speculating about its true capacities... Hmmm, is this truly the Indian answer to China's naval (nuclear) deterrent capacity?
Not seriously. They need a far better SLBM than they've got right now to bother with China. What this does is make their deterrent more survivable, as long as the boat isn't a quieting failure like the Xia.
Here's a vidcap.
( Dinesha on BR)

The Arihant's capabilities are frankly not known. And therefore it would be totally premature to comment on what it can/ or cannot do based on open source analysis and the media confusion which surrounds every strategic subject.


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dunno how it's close to real stuff...


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Righto ,

Navy has released first pic. the background has been obscured .


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Here is how she looks , Credit Sandeep/IndiaToday


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This could imply the use of SLBM's instead of the cruise missiles mentioned by some sources.
Ful profile seen for first time I think:

Updated illustration, only the tail needed changing:
Hi, what's the definition of a 'secret project' for the purposes of this forum?

Not challenging the thread move, just want to understand so that I post my stuff in the appropriate places.

I thought Arihant was a pretty secretive project. There are no official stats, specs, descriptions, weapons info, etc. she's kept in a shed and it's only in recent months that they've started to allow her to be seen in public, and then obviously only above the waterline.

As an aside, I do wonder if the frequency and quality of illustrations and analysis (perhaps my own included) contributed to the slight relaxation of security. :)
covert_shores said:
Hi, what's the definition of a 'secret project' for the purposes of this forum?

When the development of an aircarft, a ship or a tank has moved from paperwork, over prototypes
to the use of that design in service, we generally don't regard it as a project anymore. Here's certainly
a difference between aviation and army on one hand and naval projects on the other.
An aircraft or tank, that just existsts as a single example, may be used, but probably remains a kind
of prototype. But ships quitze often are built just as single examples.
And "secret", well ... if those projects we are posting and discussing here really would be secret, we
culdn't post them, of course ! But many of them actually were secret at one time. ;)
You're right covert_shores. The forum's name is secret projects but, mainly, it's dedicated to unbuilt projects, hence the confusion. Contemporary projects in development are considered unbuilt projects until they pass from blueprints to hardware, then we move to the appropriate section. If it fail to reach hardware, it will remain forever in the "secret" sections of the forum.


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