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27 July 2008
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Flateric, I am not sure there are many people for whom such list will be interesting.
Anyway, I give first part with abbreviation “TsKB”.

List of Ilyushin aircraft

1. SS (stratosferniy samolet) – the very first Ilyushin project.
2. TsKB-6 – small passenger aircraft. Details in
3. TsKB-26 – experimental aircraft
4. TsKB-26P - passenger aircraft. Details in
5. TsKB-30 (DB-3) – long-range bomber
6. TsKB-32 (I-21) – fighter. Details in
7. TsKB-51 – DB-3 on floats
8. TsKB-54 – bomber
9. TsKB-55 – battle aircraft
10. TsKB-56 – bomber
11. TsKB-57 – battle aircraft
12. TsKB-60 – Il-2 with two engines

Will follow the list of aircraft with abbreviation “IL”.

Dear Artie Bob!
Here the list of Ilyushin aircraft from Il-1 till Il-30. Will be happy if it is seful for you.
Il-1 – second and last fighter
Il-2 – battle aircraft (a lot of variants)
Il-4 – long-range bomber (a lot of variants)
Il-6 – bomber
Il-8 – battle aircraft
Il-10 – battle aircraft
Il-12 – passenger aircraft
Il-14 (1) – long-range bomber
Il-14 (2) -¬¬ passenger aircraft
Il-16 (1) - battle aircraft
Il-16 (2) – jet liner
Il-18 (1) – VIP liner
Il-18 (2) - passenger aircraft (a lot of variants)
Il-20 (1) - battle aircraft
Il-20 (2) – civil variant of Il-28 bomber
Il-22 (1) – jet bomber
Il-22 (2) – Flying head quarters (Bizon, Puma, Zebra, Sokol)
Il-24 – jet bomber project
Il-24N – variant of Il-18 (2)
Il-26 – long-range bomber
Il-28 – front bomber (a lot of variants)
Il-30 – jet bomber
Another person very interested on that list.

Thank you very much ucon! :)

Hi, guys.
Next part of list of IL

Il-32 – glider
Il-34 – moto-glider
Il-36 (1) – long-range bomber
Il-38 - long-range bomber
Il-38 (2) – anti-submarine patrol aircraft (Il-18 variant)
Il-40 – battle jet aircraft
Il-42 - battle jet aircraft
Il-44 – bomber
Il-46 – bomber
Il-48 – competitor for Tu-91
Il-50 – bomber
Il-52 – flying wing bomber
Il-54 – bomber
Il-56 – bomber (5 different configurations)
Il-58 - passenger aircraft (mix of Il-14 and Il-18 (2)
Il-60 - passenger aircraft
Next part of list of IL
Il-52 – flying wing bomber

Priviet, Hello, Ucon,

Will it be possible to have more detail on this flying wing project?

Thanks, Spassiba,

Hi to all.
Today is the next part of Ilyushin aircraft list:
Il-62 - passenger aircraft
Il-64 - passenger aircraft
Il-66 - passenger aircraft
Il-68 - passenger aircraft
Il-70 - passenger aircraft
Il-72 - passenger aircraft
Il-74 - passenger aircraft
Il-76 (1) - passenger aircraft
Il-76 (2) – transport aircraft
Il-78 - tanker
Il-80 - Flying head quarters
Il-82 - Flying head quarters
Il-84 - passenger aircraft
Il-86 - passenger aircraft
Il-88 - passenger aircraft
Il-90 - transport aircraft
Il-92 – free number
Il-94 – free number
Il-96 - passenger aircraft
Il-98 - passenger aircraft
Il-100 – small multi-role aircraft

Hello, Philippe!
For you I attch. pic of Il-52 made by famous artist Gatial. Detailed info will be soon in my website


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And last part of 99,9% of Ilyushin aircraft full list.
Hope will be intersting for somebody. :)

Il-102 – competitor for Su-25
Il-103 – trainer, multi-role
Il-104 – free number
Il-106 – transport airctaft
Il-108 (1) - biz-jet
Il-108 (2) - biz-jet
Il-110 – free number
Il-112 – passenger aircraft (a lot of variants)
Il-114 - passenger aircraft (a lot of variants)
Il-116 - passenger aircraft
Il-118 - reserved number
Il-120 - reserved number
Il-122 - reserved number
Il-124 - reserved number
Il-126 – biz-jet
Il-196 - passenger aircraft
Il-214 – transport aircraft
Il-PS – patrol, multi-role
Il-X - passenger aircraft
Il-Z - bomber

P-20 - missile
Thank you very much Ucon,

do you hear about the Il-97 ?,I saw it in Internet,but I don't know
if it is fake aircraft or not !.
Mesa el heir, dear Hesham
Aircraft is not fake, but its name real fake!
In Ilyushin DB never use such designation for plane. As the rule name Il-97 usualy was given to Il-80 or to Il-82 by "great experts" in the West ;D
Dear Ucon,

Il-11 new lightweight military transport
Il-87 Il-86 based airborne control system
Il-104 ground attack prototype ?
Il-140 AWACS development of Il-114
Il-140M maritime patrol
Il-138 airliner ?
Dear Hesham!!!
I will be VERY grateful to you if you tell me the sources of such designations of Il.
Hope it is not another website.
Il-138 (multi-purpose patrol aircraft with AI-20 engines), Il-140 (AI-20 engines equipped AEWACS) and Il-140M (maritime SAR aircraft) are mentioned here as Il-114 derivatives

Hesham's list is obviously taken from here
Dear Flateric!
I asked Hesham give me a link to a real sources, not to the amateuric site. I have just returned from IlDB. What can I say...
ucon said:
And last part of 99,9% of Ilyushin aircraft full list.
Hope will be intersting for somebody. :)

Yes, thank you. May I ask if the 'Il-Z' is a recent project?
Il-90 from Flight


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Il-108 from Flight


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Great scans! But it would be better still if you could give the dates, or at least the years if you have them...
Great scans! But it would be better still if you could give the dates, or at least the years if you have them...

No problem

Il-90 from Flight International 3-9 October, 1990 page 32

Il-108 from Flight International 9-15 May, 1990 page 28

Does anyone know what the real Il-38 looked like? Many years ago, Revell issued a model kit under that designation that was really the Myasischev M-4 instead.
Hi all

Il-118: proposal re-engined version of Il-18 with only twin turboprops (2 * 10 000 s.h.p.)

from: Nikolay Yakubovich "aircraft Il-18"
Although in Russian, I believe this chart recapitulating all the variants of the Il-2 in the form of a family tree could be useful to some. It's taken from a 103-page compilation of articles by Vladimir Pierov and Oleg Rastrenin entitled Shturmovik Il-2.


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