IKV-91 - 105mm version.


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11 March 2006
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Does anyone know the history to the 105mm (120mm??) development of the IKV-91. I have the following pictures showing differrrent turrets and guns with differrent muzzel breakes. Lack any information on the prototype anyone know more?


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I've got some info, in Russian, with pictures, which I cannot post -file too large or area too big but I can't really cut it down


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It worked as a gif, to my surprise. If you can translate, JAZZ, please post or let me have a copy.
Did it ever enter into service? If not, why didn't it?

Never did. The 105mm version was offered for the US Army Advanced Gun System (AGS) program, which was won by the XM-8, then cancelled due to funding issues.

The Swedes focused on main battle tanks and then on light tank versions of the CV90. But they never came up with money for the latter, either.
There have been some recent reports that they have dusted off the plans for this, whatever they intend to do with them.

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