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14 January 2007
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Hi all,

can anyone identify this early german bird? Must be short time after WWI.

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It's clearly a sesquiplane, and because the Versailles Treaty forbade military aircraft construction (Clemeanceau proposed this provision to punish Germany for WW1), it may be a Fokker sesquiplane modified for use as a police plane.
Late but not too late, I hope.

The caption says "Münster Buddenheide" which should read correct as Münster Loddenheide. Loddenheide is a part of Münster in Westphalia/Germany (my former home town).

Münster Loddenheide is the home of the company Julius Hüffer-Flugzeugbau, so this is most probably an early Hüffer design.

However, I can't identify the exact designation of this biplane.
Hi hesham.
I know that site and I checked that page already before my last post, however, I couldn't find that unknown plane there.

But if that plane crashed in an early stage, maybe even before flying at all, it might not be included there.

In the first picture you can notice a plane with a Balkenkreuz on the tail, the Hüffer company was known for converting former WW 1 planes into civilian types.

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