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14 January 2007
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Hi all,

found this pic about Georges Sablier and his aircraft. Do you have drawings, pics and technical data for the aircrafts? Are this projects or real birds? I want also a short history from Georges Sablier.


Servus Maveric


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This is my only reference for a Sablier aircraft...
From what the header says, they were licensees of LA VIZCAINA AVIACION, a Spanish company. Chances are most of the designs on the left are aircraft they were liable to offer as import products, not types actually built and marketed.
Sablier also designed a glider in the early 30s. Span was 10m, Area 14m2.
This glider became very popular in Aero-Clubs.
One was modified by Charles de Rougé, creator of the *elitroplan* system, and tested in 1933.


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I am reviving this thread since I am also looking for info on Georges Sablier's designs and I also have some info to share. I recently ran into (virtually) a gentleman in France with an original set of 1939 Sablier Type 12 light plane plans, which piqued my interest in this new-to-me French light aircraft designer. I hope to meet the gentleman in person when I get to France this summer. Clearly there is a lot more to learn here.

Fishing around on the 'net, I came across a Swiss site dedicated to gliders <> including some Sablier types and a bibliography with the Sablier references below:

To my surprise, in there I found full downloads (links above, too big to attach) of three original 1930s Sablier publications--two sets of plans and building instructions for gliders, and one set of plans and building instructions for a glider AND powered versions of one Sablier design. I am not sure whether the latter is an early incarnation of the Type 12 or a different model number.

Any other info on Sablier and his designs, inlcuding a complete list of model numbers, would be welcome.


Thanks Matthew,

so I believe Georges Sablier had designed many aircraft and sailplanes! An incomplete story...
I believe, we speak about the french designer Georges Sablier, who built light aircraft and sailplanes in France and designed bigger aircraft for a spanish company. See the detailed pic from Mole´s reply.


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Re: Georges Sablier info needed

I've had a go at Georges Sablier designation and tried to find any number sequence for Vizcaína Aviación. As far as I can tell, Sablier was contracted to produced designs (of all sizes) for potential production by Aviación Vizcaína SA but not specifically for this Basque firm.,12635.0.html

Similar to Maveric's snip, one pamphlet lists Georges Sablier as "Directeur technique del la Vizcaína Aviación et des ateliers d'aviation de Garay y Sesúmaga Baracaldo (Retuerto) Vizcaya-Espagne". That makes it sound as if Sablier was chief technical officer for both Basque companies.

The Vizcaína Aviación seems to have sprung from the Sociedad Vizcaina de Aviación which was responsible for creating Sondika aerodrome (Bilbao's airport). I'm less clear on the connection with Garay y Sesúmaga. The Kadagua river divides Bilboa from the neighbouring city of Barakaldo and Garay y Sesúmaga was headquartered in the Retuerta area of Barakaldo.

Garay y Sesúmaga's business was primarily in rubber (Fábrica de gomas). By the 1930s, the firm was under the founder's son, José Maria de Garay y Sesúmaga (who also exploited his US oil industry background with exploratory wells in the Basque country).

There seems to be little remaining trace of Vizcaína Aviación. Nor is it clear to me whether Vizcaína Aviación was part of Garay y Sesúmaga or whether that Barakaldo firm had started its own aviation division. If the latter, Georges Sablier was indeed contracted for designs to two Basque companies.

Perhaps a Basque- or Spanish-speaking member can find more?
Thanks Apophenia for this interesting information!
The magazine L'Air No.167 dated from 15 October 1926 featured a strange design from Sablier. It was described as a low power parasol monoplane. The brief text, in French, of the lightplane design and 3-view is attached.

The aeroplane could be utilized as a flying school trainer or as a sports aeroplane. It was equipped with a DKW engine of 13 HP which was described as being easily removable.


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It looks like the "Avionette à faible puissance Sablier type 4".

Did you visit the Vieilles Toiles site?

Here is a photo of a later homebuilt by an amateur.


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Did you visit the Vieilles Toiles site?

Thanks dan_inbox for the link. A new one for me, time to dust-off the French translator software!
From the link posted by dan_inbox, the article posted by Cy-27 definitely looks more like the "Avionette à faible puissance Sablier type 3" or perhaps an intermediate step between No. 3 (below) and No. 4.


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