How did you find this forum?

How did you arrive at this forum?

  • What-if Modelers Forum

    Votes: 15 17.0%
  • Forum

    Votes: 2 2.3%
  • Key Publishing Forum

    Votes: 13 14.8%
  • Other Web Forum

    Votes: 9 10.2%
  • Google Search

    Votes: 43 48.9%
  • Other Search Engine

    Votes: 2 2.3%
  • Can't remember

    Votes: 4 4.5%

  • Total voters
In fact I've tried to recall and couldn't...Key Publishing forum???
Found that from the whatif modelers forum. Very original no?
Thanks to my good luck, to find other geeks and freaks of aviation like me.
I was looking for information on the Northrop N102 Fang light weight fighter and Google came up with a link to this site.
Someone here who even know the project callled Convair 200 are so great that catch me to here! ;D
;D I was looking for information on a variety of aircraft, and I kept seeing references to this forum. (One of my current projects is creating 32x32 animated aircraft cursors. Roger Whitcomb is hosting some of them on his http://WWW.MilAirPix.Com website, and USAF's Air Combat Command hosted a batch of them on their main website for several years.) So, I jumped in and started looking around. ::) And I found heaven! This was the forum I've been looking for for years! I've always been an enthusiast of off-the-wall aircraft and advanced aircraft designs. Now, I can look at "what-if" aircraft to my heart's content!
I found this forum by asking Yahoo about UMBRA-902 aircraft.
I was searching two old drawings of Dassault's post Rafale projects and asked in french, english and german forums. Then Jemiba came in the german Flugzeugforum and gave me the good link of a secretproject's topic :)
A friend recommended it to me, so the specific answer for me would be by e-mail.
I found the forum just by looking up "secret helicopter projects", and WAM!! The poped up and I ignored all the other results and went strait to this one :D! I LOVE THIS FORUM!!!! ;D

:) ;) :D ;D :mad: :( :eek: 8) ??? ::) :p :-[ :-X :-\ :-* :'(
Google search.

I took a stab in the dark at a WWII US X bomber and found nirvana. Couldn't believe my luck ... what an amazing group of people!
Can't use the vote buttons as 'running into the bloke whose site this is at a model show' isn't one of the options.
Anyone else out there interested in unbuilt transport/cargo/airdrop aircraft?
Hi there!

The idea was floated of a "British Secret Projects: Transport, Trainers etc" volume but Tony isn't really that interested in the subject (and trainers were partly covered in existing volumes). If someone else out there is interested in writing such a book, might be a possibility.
I was actually Googling Tony Buttler, looking for somewhere where I might leave him some feedback (all positive, sir, if you're reading this).
I just typed in Supermarine in Yahoo search and hey presto.
I've been here ever since.
I love the place. There is so much to learn.
Friendly help and advise are always available in abundance from some very wise and clever people.

Looking at the poll results, I found this site the common way, via a Google search on Hispano projects. Very entertaining and instructive, I've learnt a lot already. Long may the forum keep going.
Folks, I'm quite glad, I've just tried to find the SPF via Google with keywords like
"Haunebu", "german wonderweapons" and so on, and we never came up before at
least the third page ! The only aberration in this sense was "Ho 229 stealth", but
that will soon be forgotten, I think ... ;D
I think it was through the Fifth Column, ages ago. I'm not a 100% sure though!
I found this forum to be very interesting.
Via Google search. I don't recall if it was Aurora speculation or Yakovlev VTOL information that I was after that first time though.
Googleing for B-29 photos and information. I just very luckily came across it. -SP
Bill Sweetman pointed to it on Ares. Didn't see any pictures at first, was intrigued because text alone showed some very knowledgeable people discussing stuff I liked. Registered to see pictures, and I was hooked.

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