Houthis claim to have hypersonic weapon

Hmmm... for some obscure reasons I really don't thrust russian media those days. Will try to find a better source before believing this.
When russians (and others) media discuss "hypersonic weapons" they often don't make the distinction between three very different concepts
- dumb rockets flying ballistically (= Kinzhal, V-2, Toshka)
- boost-glide vehicles: no airbreathing propulsion: glider launched by rockets / missiles (= BGRV)
- airbreathers (X-43 & X-51 scramjet powered vehicles )

And that's very tiring at times. Kinzhal is not Avangard, they are both called hypersonic weapons but in the case of Khinzal it is somewhat misleading. It is like Skybolt, vintage 1962: what was called ALBM.

I heard that Houthis on top of anti-ship and cruise missiles have ballistic rockets: well, such rockets are hypersonic...

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