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Horten Ho VII with Schmitt-Argus pulse jet engine


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Apr 21, 2012
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An interesting text, written by Reimar Horten, states that the Ho VII was supposed to be a test bed for the Schmitt-Argus pulse jet engine before the project was cancelled, and later fitted with conventional propulsion.

The H VII was conceived as a test bed for the Schmitt-Argus pulse jet engine. When this project was canceled, we were left with a trainer. We designed the aircraft in Gottingen, and built the wood en wings, while Peschke made the all metal center section.
The two seats were arranged in tandem between the two 240 HP Argus engines, each driving a constant speed pusher propeller, with feathering capability. The retractable landing gear featured two main wheels, and two parallel nose wheels on separate struts...

Source : http://www.nurflugel.com/Nurflugel/Horten_Nurflugels/ho_vii/ho_vii_blurb/body_ho_vii_blurb.html

I am curious to know how the pulse jet(s) would have been arranged on the Ho VII. My best guess is two pulse jets at the same locations of the Argue As 10s. What do you guys think?

I edited an existing drawing to illustrate my hypothesis, here's the result :


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