High wing monoplane aerospace plane based fighter


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16 January 2008
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Patent 7240878

The argument is interesting, but one should remember the adventure of NASA's shuttle, intended to reduce costs a lot, and that increased costs a lot at last.
Anyway, as a new silhouette, this project is much interesting, thanks. ;D
While being slightly "off topic", Fend Jiawei, a Chinese guy, recently patented a seemingly unengineerable crazy-looking "unmanned space fighter", as exemplified by CN102826227 patent, filed last august 22 2012. At first sight, this chinese patent could be tagged "fanciful", and this is not the key point. What is interesting, is how "space fighter" ideas / concepts pervade through popular culture at a point when some people feel comfortable with the idea of applying for these patent "concepts".

If I haven't missed something, it seems to be a completely "private" invention, without participation of
the aviation industry. The drawings look very much like "the backside of an envelope" and although this
of course not devaluates an idea, to me this one looks a lot like a "good idea when awaking" and then
some googling during breakfast.
There recently was a report about the work of the patent offices here in Germany. Filed patents are mainly
checked for being new and not patented before and for being "principally possible". And that just means:
As long, as there aren't any physical laws against it, it will be filed. If it can be realised with existing technology
doesn't matter. Don't forget: The inventor has to pay for a patent, not the patent office ! ;)

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