Heiroglyphics very old aviation


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26 May 2006
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An enteresting site about Egypt old aviation ,

a very old glider project;



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Surely this is the wrong place for publishing such rubbish information, even in the Bar section! Both the links and the pictures above reek of a hoax from miles away!
oh boy the "Glider" model...

fact is they found it in 1898 in a tomb at at Saqquara, Egypt
dated as having been created near 200 BCE. so 2210 years ago
but Wat is it ? that's a debate since 112 years
see the side view picture of model it look like a falcon, except this vertical tail
the Pole hole was drill by archaeologist after 1898 and on tail miss a piece wood

in 1970s came the theory that this a glider/toy of some kind
History Channel look also on the Model in Computer simulation
and came to conclusion with T-tail unit it fly very good, that missing piece wood ?

but is this answer ?
it can be this is model symbolises the old Egypt God Horus
also depicted as a falcon !

about Egyptian Temple Wall in Abydos
I think this is a joke by some one, because that not hieroglyphic
and show Helicopter and some thing that look like a ballpoint pen.
is not first time some one want adjust the world to his theory
like the guy who try to reshape the Cheops pyramid with a jackhammer
so it fits in his theory about pyramid...


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I don't see why this topic, and for that a fascinating one, shouldn't be here. I'd like to thank Justo for his years of work that helped reveal dozens of amazing flying apparatuses. Keep up the good work, Justo!
As for the veracity of the sources, yes, criticism, if not skepticism must be applied to the analysis of any source material, but in this case and by the same token the authenticity of, e.g. Mahabharata as an ancient script can be proven beyond doubt. What remains debatable though is whether the aircraft and weapons described therein are the product of the ancient writers' wild imagination or a faithful description of the then-existing technology. Other mysterious artifacts, found all over the world, e.g. the Val Camonica petroglyphs, the southamerican crystal skulls, artifacts found in pre-human, geological strata, countless myths in un-related cultures on visits of gods, etc. seem to verify the descriptions contained in Indian scripts, and even the most critical mind should look at the history of mankind from a different perspective.

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