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15 February 2006
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This drawing is from RAF Flying Review. I had the entire page at one time, but not anymore. It's not all I'm missing!. Who knows what model this is or even if it is Hawker?


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That looks like an all weather development of the plane shown in the appendix of Tony Butler's book on British fighters. I'm at the office, so I don't have access to my books right now, but there is a plane in that book which is a single seat day fighter with a shock cone inlet in the nose and six cannons (three in each wing) IIRC with an almost identical wing and tail. I can check when I get home.
Hi ! :)

It's an Hawker P.1092 (05.11.51)
Rôle : all-weather interceptor
Engine : one Rolls-Royce
Span : 35 ft.
Length : 55 ft.
Wing area : 580 ft²
Crew : 2
Service ceiling : 55,000 ft.
Range : 550 miles
Max speed : 1.5 M at 36,000 ft.
Weapons : two red top AAMs

Sources :
-Combat aircraft prototypes since 1945, Robert Jackson, Airlife publishing ltd., 1985 (p.102)
-British secret projects : jet fighters since 1950, Tony Buttler, Midland publishing, 2000 (p.168)

Bye ;)
I know where is that page ;) (if you need a scan, just write me). Additional info:

Project status: Initial project design investigations completed by December 1951
Powerplant: Rolls Royce Avon with reheat
Internal fuel: 650 gal., 2925 l
Wing area: 580 sq. ft/53,88 sq. m
Leading edge sweepback: 65 degrees
Thanks to all for the info. I thought it might be the P.1091 but now I know better. Matej I'll contact you. Thanks.
For the ones who likes to kwow the rest of the article:

Flying Review International Vol 20 No.1 September 1964
"The Frustrating 'Fifties " pages 67 - 69.
Hello my friends

I suggest to all visit the webpage of Flitzer, he have a gorgeous illustration of this aircraft and many others projects.

Greetings All -

I was recently given a couple of dozen tatter issues of Flying Review International that are from the early-mid '60s. In Vol. 20 No.1, there's an article called "The Frustrating 'Fifties" which covers a number of Hawker designs. Attached is P.1092 which I do not recall seeing before. Anyone have additional info ont he design and the Specification it was intended for?

Enjoy the Day! Mark


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Thanks Hesham, so much for my search techniques :-[

Enjoy the Day! Mark

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