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17 January 2006
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I seem to recall several years back that there was some sort of oddball proposal for a pure tanker aircraft based on the Gulfstream business jet. Might have been for a USAF study, but given the current controversy with the A330 vs. KC-767 (damn, way to screw up the MDS, guys!) and that the USAF seems to want more booms than airlift, something about a Gulfstream-based proposal has fired off a few neurons in the old noggin. Anyone recall or have information on any such program from say, 10 years ago or so?
Don't know if this help or not, but I heard that the Israelis consider (ed?) a tanker variant of the G.550...
Lousy quality but here's an image of IAI's G550-based SSTT (Small and Smart Tactical Tanker) proposal. The tail fairing is similar to that of other IAI Gulfstream G550 developments (like CAEW and the underslung SIGINT/MP variant).


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