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26 May 2006
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the Russian designer Grushin created the Ortyabryonok,it was
a ultra-light aircraft,no other details is available,does anyone
know it ?.
Usually Oktyabrenok (Октябренок) not 'Ortyabryonok'.

RusJet page has history, specs, photos, 3-view, and sideview profile.
An interesting tandem wing design.
Hi Hesham!
Yes, I know this aircraft. In 1935, a competition for a low-power, low-cost ultralight aircraft ("avietka", as such machines were called that times in the USSR) was announced by the Osoaviakhim and AviaVNITO organizations. The main requirements were: maximum safety, wide piloting availability (the aircraft must be suitable for a person without special training to fly with it), suitability for training, and minimum cost of aircraft itself and its maintenance. In a word, a little "flying bike" for everybody.

Among other competitors (as much as 35 projects and prototypes were presented until 1936 autumn!), the MAI design team led by Petr Grushin decided to participate. The team included also P. Blandov, P. Semenov, A. Lebedinsky, Alexey Grinchik (then MAI student, later renowned test pilot, killed in MiG-9 crash in 1946), and others. They approached to the task seriously: made all necessary calculations, wind tunnel tests, and study different aerodynamic configurations. As a result, the tandem-wing layout was chosen. It was partly influenced by popular "Pou-du-Ciel" by H. Mignet; but, unlike the French aircraft with its hinged front wing, Grushin's design had both wings fixed. The front wing was fitted with slotted elevons/flaps over the entire span; the rear one lacked any control surfaces. The new control system allowed to eliminate defects generic for the Flying Flea, such as loss of the pitch stability and tightening into vertical dive. Wind-tunnel tests displayed that Oktyabryonok remained stabile and its elevons kept their effectiveness at all regimes of flight. It was confirmed during flight tests.

The Oktyabryonok was first flown at October 23, 1936 by the test pilot A. Zhukov. During this maiden flight, the aircraft reached 1000 m altitude, demonstrated its stability and reliability. The takeoff run was about 50-60 m, landing run only 15 m. At October 30, Zhukov flew up with Oktyabryonok from MAI aeroclub field in Khimki, passed over the institute and made some aerobatics over Tushino airfield.

The original engine for the Oktyabryonok was projected at MAI engine faculty, but it wasn't ready until the competition deadline. Therefore, the flight tests started with 27-hp Aubier-Dunne engine. But the power wasn't enough for the aircraft whose takeoff weight reached 400 kg level (instead of projected 230 kg). So, the engine was replaced by 30-hp Bristol Cherub, and then by 45-hp Salmson. Also the wing spar and vertical stabilizer were strengthened, landing gear absorbers added, rudder enlarged.

After the tests, Oktyabryonok was successfully operated during some years in MAI aeroclub. One of those who learned to fly with it was its designer, Petr Grushin. The ultralight was even tested at NII VVS by Petr Stefanovsky, and recommended for usage as liaison aircraft for army units! In 1938, it took part in Tushino Air Parade. But it didn't come into production and didn't become a peoples' aircraft which it was intended to be...

Technical data for "Oktyabryonok" MAI:
Wing span - 6.0 m (front wing), 4.4 m (rear wing)
Length - 5.0 m (another data: 4.12 m)
Wing area - 12.8 m2 (another data: 7 m2 front wing, 4 m2 rear wing)
Crew - 1
Empty weight - 295 kg
Takeoff weight - 400 kg
Fuel weight - 25 kg
Maximum speed - 115 km/h
Cruise speed - 95 km/h

I attach here a photo of Oktyabryonok side-by-side with popular Kalinin K-5 airliner. You can see some more photos and a 3-view here:


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Hi redstar72,
you wrote:
Among other competitors (as much as 35 projects and prototypes were presented until 1936 autumn!), the MAI design team led by Petr Grushin decided to participate.

Can you name and present all of these 35! projects?

Servus Maveric
sagallacci said:
The Russian equivelent of the "Flying Flea".

Yes, somewhat. But some other "avietkas" built at the same time were much closer to Flying Flea in layout. For example, see the ZAOR designed in 1935 by Boris Sheremetev (more known as a sailplane designer) for the same competition. Sorry for bad quality photo.

Maveric said:
Can you name and present all of these 35! projects?

Not now, but maybe later. The full schedule was published in Samolet magazine, No.9/1936. It must be in our National Library. I'll try to scan it.


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1) image "Oktyabryonok" MAI and many other information about Petr Grushin and its other planes here:
2) first with 27-hp Aubier-Dunne engine
and the second option with 30-hp Bristol Cherub engine.
from: "Aircraft MAI."
Moscow. Publisher MAI. 1994
Author - UV Makarov.
3) grand-cousin kinsman ))
"Внук Октября"="The grandson of October" project mid-sixties with the motorcycle engine to-61 power 28 hp (20.6 kW).
more here:
/ off topic - no relation to Grushina except as integration design - tandem, is not /


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in image "Vnook oktyabrya" i have seen a funny image ! ;D
there was a saddle and Handlebar probably recycled by a motorcycle ! :D
genius idea ! :)
Thank you my dears Apophenia,Redstar72 and Borovik very very much.
A clean three-view of the Oktyabrenok:


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Grushin's Oktyabrenok, seen in 1936 (with Grushin on the right) and in 1940 at the Moscow Aircraft Institute (or MAI), plus another three-view:


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