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Ludington Airplanes


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May 26, 2006
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Charles Townsend Ludington & Wallace Kellett formed Ludington
Exhibition Co. in 1922,designed a Farman Sport aka Ludington Sport
as a single seat racer biplane based on Farman design in 1925,followed
by a Miller Lizette,a two-seat parasol wing monoplane of 1926,later
created a Chamberlin Biplane,a two-seat single engined light airplane
in 1927.

As I know the company maybe had a one Project,but no other details
are known.

- Le Document Aeronautique 1927


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Jan 28, 2008
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Sorry to resurrect an old thread but lock-down has given me an opportunity to re-read some old magazines previously stored in my attic.

Ludington-Griswold Experimental Projects 1943-44

In 1943 Charles T. Ludington and Roger Griswold had formed Ludington-Griswold, Inc. in Saybrook, Connecticut, where a new building was erected for their research.

Ludington and Griswold Amphibian

The first offering from Ludington and Griswold was a three-quarter scale test amphibious aircraft registered as NX60333. It featured a wide hull which did not require wing-tip floats. The designated pilot for this aeroplane was Wolfgang Langewishe, but he never flew it as he nearly drowned during initial taxi trials. Griswold eventually flew NX60333, but following the maiden flight the machine never flew again. The amphibian had a pusher engine with the shaft raised above the fuselage. It had a distinctive curved butterfly tail.

The aircraft ended its days mounted outside at a Connecticut car museum and rotted away.

A full size version (never built) was to seat 4, three side-by-side passengers over the CG point with the pilot located centrally ahead.

Ludington and Griswold Fairchild F-22 with Integrated Wing (BLC)

The Ludington-Griswold Aircraft Co also modified a Fairchild F-22 with an integrated wing. The aim of the project was to maintain boundary layer control throughout the aircraft performance range. However, the experiments were not as successful as first hoped. The aircraft received the registration marks NX14768.

Ludington and Griswold Piper L-G

A revised version of the integrated wing was also fitted to a "Piper L-G" fitted with a 150 hp engine. I could not find a reference to this aircraft in an early edition of Piper Aircraft (Air Britain, 1996).

Eventually the company work led to the development, testing, and production of the Ludington-Griswold Crash Protection Device which was manufactured in time to be installed on a number of the Waco CG-4A gliders used in the 1944 D-Day invasion.

See also https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/th...the-second-world-war.32247/page-3#post-441305 for Ludington-Griswold involvement with wind tunnel work on the Gluhareff Dart.


Skyways #25 (Jan 1993)
Charles Townsend Ludington Wikipedia page


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