Grunin T-2072 / AMS-500 "Corvette" Ekranolet


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1 April 2006
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It's quite a real company, now under auspices of Khrunichev - Khrunichev Aviatekhnika, Inc.

Chief designer of these unusual aircrafts was Eugeny Grunin, ex-Sukhoi guy. He has worked on numerous projects during his Sukhoi career (several COIN aircrafts to name), but, according to his DB staff postings at the homebuilt forum, they are still under wraps.

More his design bureau stuff is here. - advise to check thisаэропрогресс&btnG=Search

On the photos is model of Grunin's T-2072 WIG


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We have a thread on Aerorpogress designs at,50.0/highlight,t-752.html, with more info on the T-752 and other "cool" designs. Could a moderator please merge these?
And flateric, thanks for the pictures. I asked for pics of the T-2000 and T-2010 in the previous thread and the T-2072 looks related.

Edit: on further thought, perhaps the other thread should be split back into "Mikoyan "101", Yakovlev Yak-58, Sukhoi S-46" and "Aerorpogress designs", as it originally was. I think there are too many unrelated designs stuffed together over there and too few (one) here.
Thank you ;)

I promised to lay out some things about military projects of our size. Here's one project for the Navy. This information was here in the section ekranoplan, but I think young people have seen it. The project is called the T-2072. Generally it is considered an ekranoplan, but their LTH he is closer to the aircraft.

The project was made after the work in the KB Bartini commissioned by the Navy, namely, the Marine Corps. And this development Grunina EP This is ekranolet P, ie, a plane that can use the screen effect and fly just like a plane. Payload 15-20 paratroopers or marines, take-off weight 6800-7000 kg, 2 engine turboprop-20 to 1400 hp. Dropping through the side flaps or the rear hatch. Were also provided at the bottom of manholes [fyuzhelyazha], for landing swimmers. To store ekranoleta on the ship, its wings folded. There were two ways to create a static air cushion for the rollout ekranoplan ashore. One way to hoist the engine, the other due to bleed air from propulsion engines. But the principle of creating a cushion, inflation for through nozzles mounted on the front wing. Also in the floats provided for the installation of 2 x 30mm cannon GSh-30. One of the photographs shows how and where to retract. Unfortunately the project has remained a project.
Thanks - topics merged. "Screencraft" is not the company, AFAIK, but the type of aircraft - "Ekranolet" - a cross between a Ekranoplan and an aircraft (samolet). Board says this model is T-2002.
From qxev from the RCGroups forums:

On motives of Bartini, working out of Grunina Е.П of Ekranolet for marines.
It already экранолет a class With, that is the plane which can use screen effect and fly the same as also the plane.
Load-carrying capacity of 15-20 commandoes or marines, take-off weight of 6800-7000 kg, 2 engines TVD-20 on 1400 h.p.
For storage экранолета by the ship, wings developed.
Two variants of creation of the STATIC air cushion for выкатки экранолета on coast. (Static, it that at Hovervinga. A constant compulsory ВП)
One variant in the help of the elevating engine, another at the expense of selection of air at mid-flight motors. But a principle of creation of a pillow one, having blown through nozzles established on a forward wing.
In floats installation 2 30мм guns ГШ-30 was provided. The project has not been realized.



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