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14 August 2009
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NOTE: Translated from Russian into English by Babel Fish.

Here is one entertaining project. It [Naeyvaetsya] T -420 “Martlet”

By 1995 at two series plants in Moscow and in Samara were saved 2 complete sets of series rigging to the aircraft “Molniya -1”. Rigging was the property of plants. The solutions there were two:
to utilize entire rigging in the best traditions Of [mAPa]; to attempt this rigging to anything to use.

In our KB arose the idea to make “mini S -80”, the good Of [grunin] [E].[P]. in their time, it was that leading themes S -80, only then it was in no way such what it appears now. It was decided to use in the construction units, systems, assemblies of aircraft “Molniya -1”.

Twin-engined aircraft T -420 was executed according to twin-boom design. About 80% of rigging were possible to use for preparing of glider and systems of aircraft T -420.

Metallic mock-up was built, and complete technical documentation was developed. Mock-up later was shown by potential customer, and it was demonstrated on MAKS. By the way, well-known wine-making French company was one of the potential customers. Occurs the transport of barrels with the wine entire problem, during the transportation cannot be turned over the barrel. Rear fairing (drain), rises upward in T -420, ensuring a good cargo aperture.

Gleb [Evgenevich] [Lozino] - [Lozinskiy] positively estimated our work.

Several versions of the aircraft were developed:
with the engines M-14 Continental IO -360 in 210 hp;
with the spring diagram of [shassi]p;
with the retractable counters (according to the type An-24). Gavrilov developed the design of chassis.

Development project did not obtain. They satisfactorily destroyed entire rigging, after earning on the scrap metal.

Here are data on T -420

Max. takeoff weight [VS], kgf:2100
Max. weight empty [VS], kgf: 1310
Mass of that equipped, kgf: 1415
Max. the mass of fuel, kgf: 430
Max. the weight of useful load, kgf: 685
Distance with max to servicing, km: 2020
Speed is maximum, the km/h: 370
Cruising speed, the km/h:325
Crew, the man: 1
Quantity of passengers, man: 6
Stalling speed, km/h: 110
Takeoff distance ([N]=15 m), m: 450
Landing distance ([N]=15 m), m: 600
Model of the engine: IO-360
Maximum power, hp 2 x 210
It is long aircraft, m: 10,47
Span of wing, m: 13,3
Area is wing, sq. m.: 20,78
Track of [neobzh]. chassis, m.: 2,8
Width of cab, m: 1,25
Height of cab, m:1,25

It fastened pictures, I hope all understandably.

On the first picture the versions of [kompononovok] and side view the version of aircraft with the retractable chassis

On the second picture common form. Chassis - [resornogo] type

the third picture - mock-up T -420 in to shop. Picture not alas, but that there is i.e..
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Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1995-96 identifies this aircraft as the Khrunichev T-420A Strizh, Russian for "Swift". Swifts were formerly called Martlets.
Almost looks like a purpose built drug smgglers plane.

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