Grumman Model 97

KJ I highly recommend Tommy's book. Its a great read and I am sure will answer many of your questions :)
Tailspin Turtle said:
From my book...

Which book?

I know that whenever I reference one of my own works, I post a link to where the gentle reader can kindly purchase a copy. So far, the mods haven't seemed to have a problem with that. I doubt they'd have a problem if you posted an equivalent link when you provide info from one of your books. Just sayin'.
This might sound silly, but was there ever any estimate as to the plane's performance other than top-speed, like rate-of-climb, approach speed, etc. It was a rival to OS-130, so...
Can anyone confirm that this design was supposed to be powered by a single J57?

Tony Buttler’s American Secret Projects: Fighters page 119

Confirmed: “a single J57 was selected to power the aircraft...”
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