Grumman MMVX from 80s


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1 April 2006
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Found at eBay...anyone can add something?

"...1980's era Grumman aircraft photos..of design models of proposed aircraft that were never built....... MMVX program.
The aircraft models pictured were concept aircraft of possible proposals... done in Grumman's Advanced Systems (think tank)"


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Interesting - one looks to have prop-fan (or unducted fan or open rotor fan - call it what you will) propulsion.


What mission would a MMV aircraft do?
multi-mission carrier based experimental aircraft program (MMVX) is referred to as an earlier program in this NASA/Grumman study:

It was said on this forum that a Fokker F28 variant was proposed for MMVX (COD mission)
overscan said:
It was said on this forum that a Fokker F28 variant was proposed for MMVX (COD mission)

Yes, that was me making trouble. ;)
EBAY had some F28 MMVX stuff for sale too.

Edit: All members please attach the images directly to the forum, otherwise it will look like here. Thanx!
Hmmmm... a USN Fokker F-28!!! Any F-28 model available in 1/72 scale ?
Now that these eBay items have gone into oblivion, any chance someone kept them on the hard disc for us to see them? Thanks in advance!
Pictured here is a factory concept model of one of the MMVX configurations by Grumman. Forward swept stabilizer is noteworthy.


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These look related to flateric's Lockheed&Grumman Multiple Purpose Subsonic Naval Aircraft (MPSNA) studies (1986) thread,2012.msg17508.html#msg17508

These pics could answer whose project this was, looks like a development of the Grumman study.


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A UHB canard pusher study model of Grumman's MMVX (Airborne Early Warning and Anti-Submarine Warfare).

Photo ©Chad Slattery


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I suppose, the model shows the basic aircraft, the ASW variant would have had a MAD stinger and the
AEW variant some kind of radome on the fuselage ?
Rear view of the UHB Grumman MMVX. Of interest on this proposal model are the propfan engines, which can be replaced with conventional turbofans (conveniently supplied by the Grumman model shop). Perhaps some Navy admirals were skeptical of ultra-high bypass propulsion. Thankfully, the canard pusher layout itself had been introduced earlier (around 1903).

Photo ©Chad Slattery


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Perhaps a naive question: How much (if at all) would the higher noise level of the propfans affect mission performance in the ASW role? Perhaps that was a bigger concern than bureaucratic inertia where the engines were concerned?

I got a good chuckle out of the canard comment though :D

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