Grumman Design 30 - "Single Seat Fighter (Tractor)" 1937

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27 December 2005
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From Tommy Thomason.

I redrew this from an ancient Grumman diazo print which was too big to copy/scan. It was provided to me by the Grumman Aviation History Center. The title is General Arrangement Single Seat Fighter (Tractor). I'll provide a drawing of the Pusher in a week or two. They may yet find the twin-Allison engine powered proposal, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

As noted on my three-view, it is dated 16 December 1937. Also on the drawing:

Wing Group 690
Tail Group 92
Body Group 570
Landing Gear Group 366
Power Plant Group 2,260
Fixed Equip Group 443
Weight Empty 4,421

Crew 200
Fuel (110 gal.) 660
Oil (9 gal.) 69
Armament 287
Equipment 136
Useful Load 1,351

Wing Area 237
H.P. 1,000
Wing Loading 24.4
Power Loading 5.77

It doesn't say so on the drawing, but it is clearly a V-1710 powered study with the engine aft of the pilot as on the P-39. However, the pilot is located well forward, which would be good for carrier landings. The landing gear is obviously the original Grumman system. There's no indication of wing fold, but this wasn't a firm requirement for fighters or dive bombers at the time.

I don't know if a design number at Grumman is the equivalent of a model number elsewhere. At Bell Helicopter, design numbers were assigned by Engineering to keep track of studies. Model numbers were assigned by management and only when an aircraft was being formally proposed or had been released for development.

Francillon identifies the G-30 as a "proposed two-seat Navy fighter powered by an Allison V-1710." Same for the G-29 pusher. The drawings that Grumman sent me are both of single-seaters, as you might expect for a fighter with a single Allison engine.
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That's pure gold to me.

Thanks a lot!!

Good finding !
It looks like the Koolhoven FK 55 ...
Source "Koolhoven" by Theo Wesselink & Thijs Postma
Unieboek bv, Bussum 1981


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Hi All.

If it is possible show Grumman Design 25--proposed Navy High-altitude Fighter with two Allison V-1710 engines.

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