Goodyear "Convoplane"

It is 1959. I posted that pic some time ago here:,2140.75.html

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Your pic comes from Air Progress 1969, mine's from Mecánica Popular October 1959.
In an obscure Soviet (yes) publication of late '60s, translated by the US Government translation service and published in an similarly obscure US publication there is this note: "Goodyear pushing MMRBM transporter, Aviation Weekly, Space Technology, 7_6, 7, 92-97 (1962) ". Problem is that I have consulted the AW&ST collection, but there ain't anything in that issue. The Convoplane could be what Goodyear thought of using riding around the MMRBM.
Artist's concept and diagram of Goodyear Aircraft Company Convoplane circa 1959.

The Convoplane can be designed as a small, light plane for reconnaissance or it can be built larger to transport material.

Source: "'Helicopter Plane' Has Wing Louvers" Popular Mechanics February 1959 page 139.


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