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For Information on the world's SAMs and associated radars you cannot do better than:

Said Aminov's site is phenomenal - but it is in Russian so you will need to use

unless you are one of those polylinguists.
Sticking to Russian -

Pretty good articles on aircraft, weapons, lots of 3 view drawings and history too.

Nice photos pf Hungarian aircraft, including lots of closeup MiG-21bis cockpit shots.

Good site on weapons and technology, in Portuguese
Armada International is a Swiss defense magazine.....published in English.....which oddly enough isn't one of the 4 official languages in Switzerland.

Armada posts a .pdf "Complete Guide" every 2 months or so. The topics vary, but many are aviation related.
The entries have been updated recently, but the drawings date from a decade ago. Missile Index is still a worthwhile reference, even though you might have to reset your brower settings to use the site.
Future Russian military aviation

While one can say that some materials are speculative and real what-ifs, site owner aka Paralay dig a great hole in secrecy of current military aviation projects. Also Paralay is a perfect artist.
Love pre 1945 projects ?

Try :

version in French and English.


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