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14 January 2007
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Hi all,

found this: the designations Argus As.292, Junkers Ju.82 and Ju.93 are totally uknown for me... ???
Anybody had more informations? :eek:

(Source: Jet & Prop from Der Flieger 11/1970)

Servus Maveric


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The Argus As 292 was a little pilotless recce plane .More than 100 built in 1942/3
Span 2,4m length 2,3m weight 3,0kg 6 hp motor .
Fully covered in "Luftfahrt International no 16" 1976 .
Fantastic : Argus As-292 was a drone ante-litteram !! :D
But Junkers 82 and Junkers 93 which planes was ? ???
Plese see
Justo Miranda said:
Plese see
when finish error 503 , probably ???

Justo right link of aircraft of Hugo Junkers is

right links

Junkers 82 remind me Argus-Junkers projects on page 71 of Luftwaffe Secret Projects - Ground Attack & Special Purpose !
A long time ago , I got those pictures . I don't remember the source ...

This was a Franz Villinger (who worked at Junkers-Dessau) 1938 design ( or patent ?)
Franz Villiger is well known for the human powered Mufli he designed and built with Helmut Haessler in 1935 .

Who knows more about this patent or project ?




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My dear Richard,

we discussed it before,but I don't remember in which topic
I know the Mufti : the question was about the Villinger's aircraft with fin&rudder and elevators at the ends of the wings , something like the B&V/Vogt later projects .

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