German early lock-on fire control


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25 October 2007
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Hi guys,

Manfred Griehl states in "Jet Planes of the Third Reich: The Secret Projects", volume Two, page 224, that the Heinkel P.1078A was to use an early form of lock-on fire control, shown below with a dish antenna. In volume one, page 104, he writes that this "advanced automatic triggering of the weapons was designed by Heinkel engineers early in 1945".

Does anyone knows about this?


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Hi Justo,

I have my doubts. The dish is small for a range of 10 kms as in the Pauke SD/Bremerhaven, despite operating in the 3cm band. Mr. Griehl rules out its use as a night fighter. It could operate as the radar gunsight of the F-86, linked to the gyro gunsight ( EF42/45 ).
Gosh sounds an awful lot like the F-86F sabre with it's primative radar gunsight. Nothing new under the sun aye?

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