German aircraftcarrier procurement


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11 March 2006
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BILD Zeitung, Tuesday, April 2008:
“ German Navy considers stealthy aircraft carriers

For their growing international committment, the german armed forces see the need for
procuring at least one aircraft carrier during the next five years. Due to the risks for
such high-value targets the german minister of defence announced, that the industry
is developing a new type of ship, that combines the features of a submersible carrier
with the lower costs of a conventional ship of that type. In the result, at least the
aircraft complement can be hidden under water. The idea stems from a french company
and was originally meant for seaplanes. Due to the secrecy of the new design, just a
drawing of this original idea was shown on press conference today”


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I'm sorry, but Jemiba pulled a horrible, horrible prank on you all here today with this blatant fabrication.... reality, this aircraft carrier design is British, not German, and it's obviously a WWII project!

Shame on you Jemiba, shame, for this blatant misrepresentation of historical fact! ;)
Don't you know the BILD Zeitung, a newspaper just like the Sun in BG ? ;)
And what's about "a WWII project" ?
We were talking here about flying discs, supersonic deltas and ray-guns,
all those are german inventions, as you hopefully know, and ALL are a WWII stuff !

Good ideas simply never die ! ;D
you know if this tub (literally)_ is still around I know a navy (which may end up buying one rust bucket or another) that might be interested.

seriously, the carrier can be given free provided we purchase 40 convair sea darts along with it.
"..we purchase 40 convair sea darts "

Unfortunately (or not ?), the german minister of defence isn't
Franz Josef Strauss anymore ... ;D

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