German 1950's mixed powerplant interceptor

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13 August 2007
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in late 1950's German made study a mixed powerplant interceptor for the Luftwaffe

there were even join venture talks with England


like Saunders-Roe SR.177 German version.

there were more
I found interesting note from Dr Harry o. Ruppe on that project:

in late 1950's they development for Interceptor a Lox/Kerosene rocketengine
High pressure, regenerative cooled staged combustion cycle with 10 tons trust
cooled by Lox!
after interceptor program was chancels, MBB overwork it to ELDO-HDTW Engine with Lox/LH2
for Europa IIIB and D Booster proposal, after that was chancels MBB got a request
by Rocketdyne for a patentrights on ELDO-HDTW, that became later the Space Shuttle Main Engine

got some one more info to this German interceptor Project ?

Source on Interceptor engine
Grenzenlose Dimension Raumfahrt
Harry.O. Ruppe
Page 141

Source on ELDO-HDTW
LRT16 (1970) Nr. 4 April
page 81-111
special thanks to Barrington Bond for the LRT16 info
Michel, actually it WAS the SaRo, license built. It was one of the ideas to reequip the Luftwaffe fo the '60s. The Saro was to be a point-interceptor, supplemented by a general purpose fighter (ah, the SuperTiger...) and a big figther-bomber (only possibility,Thunderchief). It ended with the F-104 doing everything, supplemented by Nike-Hercules and Hawks (the missile). Lot of info in "Project Cancelled" .
Skybolt said:
Michel, actually it WAS the SaRo, license built. It was one of the ideas to reequip the Luftwaffe fo the '60s.

Thanks for Info Skybolt

but there is one mystery:
this Lox/Kerosene rocketengine they develop for a Interceptor

a Lox/Kerosene on SaRo.177 makes no sense
was this engine for Avro 720 ?

or this engine only a technology research program ?
Good question. Probably it was for research purposes, not for an operational aircraft. LOX/kerosene is much simpler to handle if you want to test aerodynamcs and flight envelope operations.
My dear Michel,

please can you repeat sending the same picture,it is completely lost.
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