Gemini Space Program: High Altitude Personnel Recovery System


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Oct 14, 2015
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I was wondering if anyone can identify these two gentlemen. My Father, CWO Charles O. Laine did some high altitude work for the Gemini Space program in the early 1960’s including testing the Ballute for the Gemini program. In a video I have there are two men that are having a conversation with my Father and CWO Mitch Kanowski after one of the high altitude jumps. I always thought that these two men were Cernan and Slayton but a member of another site say’s the men in the video and Photo’s are not Cernan and Slayton. Please see attached and advise. These men had something to do with the Gemini program, The United States Air Force, the Gemini Personnel Recovery System, or the McDonnell Company.

PS. For comparison I have included an actual photo of Cernan and Slayton along with the two gentlemen in question as well as the short High Altitude Video.

PS2. I was unable to attach the short video. Is there a way to attached a short video to this post? Please advise. Thanks!


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