Gaucher "Remicopter"


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12 July 2006
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I just know the name of the 'thing' - it must be a small helicopter project called

Gaucher "Remicopter"

It was mentioned in Besser's Technik und Geschichte der Hubschrauber vol 1, but that's all I found. Where are the helicopter specialists ???
My dear boxkite,

are you sure it was a helicopter?!,I only find the Gaucher
two seat twin boom aircraft,and I don't know Gaucher
design a helicopter or not.
Yes my dear boxkite,

see this,


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Better late, than never ! What are just a little bit more, than five years ...
Found in Aero France, June 1958, a description and a drawing of the Rémicopter.
As far as I understand, the upper rotor was powered by the SNECMA pulsejets,
the lower one was there to control the aircraft.
And yes, the designer was R.Gaucher and the aircraft was built by the Société Reverchon.


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Perhaps someone of our French members can tell us, if the text gives explanations,
I have overlooked still yet ?


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Jemiba said:
Perhaps someone of our French members can tell us, if the text gives explanations,
I have overlooked still yet ?

For me , it's OK ..

Here something more , from "Aviation Magazine" 1958 and 1959 :


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Cool, hesham, as long as you don't invent designations it's fine by me.
From Aviation magazine 1956,m

it seemed to be this helicopter had two variants ?.


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Yes, there were to be two stages to Rémicopter development ... but three different layouts.

The first was to be the Rémicopter X.50 (for 'experimental'?) powered by a Continental C-90 piston engine driving 7.50 m diameter, contra-rotating rotors. The X.50 had a pod-and-boom arrangement with tail surfaces but no tail rotor. Drawings show the X.50 to be a side-by-side two-seater.

Another was described in your article as the proposed single-seat prototype with a pulsoréacteur built into the rotor hub - as illustrated above by richard. With its simple, open framework this tailless aircraft was to have contra-rotating rotors like the twin-seat X.50. But it also featured simplified jet opening. Was this single-seater also to be designated X.50? I don't know.

The proposed production-type was the Rémicopter 602 which you have illustrated in that 3-view drawing. Obviously, the Rémicopter 602 was another tailless type but now single-rotored. Like the proposed prototype, this single-rotor type was to be powered by a SNECMA pulsoréacteur - in this case, either the Escopette 3340 or Écrevisse AP503 (aka AS-11) pulse jet.
Yes my dear boxkite,

see this,
Interesting how he only installed rotor-turning jets a meter-or-so outboard of the rotor hub.
Meanwhile many of his competitors pumped high-pressure/temperature air all the way to the rotor tips.
Makes you wonder how much thrust they lost to internal air drag on tip thrust helicopters and the Avro Canada Avro Car???
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