Fresh info of salary on Russian aerospace industry


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1 April 2006
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OK, what do you think youngster just graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute can expect?

OK, Sukhoi Civil vacancy for students of the last university courses...Sukhoi/Thales C++ software center for SuperJet 100...
20 hours/week...USD 300/month
Perspectives are probably USD 600-1000/month max with 40 hours/week.

Tupolev - work for last courses students 4500 roubles/month = 175 USD/month. Starting engineer is 6500 roubles/month = 250 USD for 40 h/week
Perspectives are probably USD 500-600 max/month.
About an year ago these numbers were at their site but were removed...probably shame?

So you must wonder of the patriotism and obsession of the guys who are building PAK-FA and other stuff for such a money!
Those are ... almost third country rates. It was my overall impression that a lot of goods are cheaper in Russia, no? Doesn't that level the balance a bit?
I found this in an article about Tactical Missiles Corporation published this year:

About the young and the valuable
— Which the wage of specialists, who work above the creation of the new forms of armament?
— It depends on region. As a whole on the corporation the mean wage — of 11,5 thousand rub ; in Korolev — 18 thousand rub. (in the beginning 2005 — 15,5 thousand rub.). The wage of worker depends on his discharge, professional experience. On the average basic working main companies, begun to operate in the production, obtain 25,5 thousand rub. This is the highest wage among the enterprises of the defense industry of Moscow region. On Moscow areas, for example on “Vympel”, the wage is higher. Design engineers obtain differently in the different regions, but approximately so many, the how much workers of basic specialties. As you understand, with this level of wages to us it is sufficiently complicated to compete with the particular enterprises.
1 USD ~ 25 RUB ~ 0,5 GBP
INFLATION 11-12% per year

bread loave - 12-18 rub
milk, 1 liter - 25-35 rub
beef, 1 kg - 240 rub
fish, 1 kg 90-400 rub
tomatoes, 1 kg -60-70 rub
potatoes, 1 kg - 20-40 rub
apples, 1 kg - 50-70 rub
orange juice, 100%, 1 liter - 35-50 rub
vodka, 0,5 l - 50-150 (extra) rub
Heiniken, 0,33l (local brew) - 32-44 rub
Martini Rosso, 1 liter - 345 rub
Levi's 512, 1 pair - 3200-4000 rub
pair of Nike Shox TL - 7500 rub
dinner at TGI Friday's for two, 3000-4000 rub
gas, BP extra grade - 22 rub/liter

average communal payments for flat - 3000-5000 rub
average 1 room apartment rent (Moscow) - 15000 - 25000 rub/month
taxi, crossing Moscow from south to north - 500-700 rub
subway, one ticket - 15 rub, 20 trips ticket - 250 rub
autobus, trolleybus, tram - one trip - 25 rub
dinner at TGI Friday's for two, 3000-4000 rub

Sure you didn't misplace a decimal point? :eek:

Seriously, you can have a great meal for two in a REAL restaurant for £30-40 even in London, not to mention microwaved plastic crap like TGIs.
Nope, Paul. Remember, we are leaders with the most expensive espresso cup in the world. New York steak (my GFs favorite) in TGI is around 20-25 bucks (10-13 GBP).
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