france early jet prototypes (from 1946)


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6 June 2006
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Don't know where to put that. I noticed there is much interest for french less-known jets and projects, so I created a website here
It deal with jets from the 1946-1952 era. A bad period,but full of spectacular prototypes. There's also a chapter dedicated to French firms merging, name and the like (because its sometimes difficult to understand how the hell it worked)
Merci Archibald

I´m very interested in the french projects, but for now i cannot buy the books of Jean Cuny, because they are expensives, but I hope for december i would by at least one of them.

Well If someone can spread the adress... I also have this problem, the two amount to 105 euros.
This website is only for the prototypes who flew. There was really an enormous amount of projects in this era...My aim is giving datas about the 11 or so jets who flew just after WWII. They are fascinating, so bad (ALL were failures) but so impressive at the time...and totally forgot today.
Two eras followed 1952-160 (revival, good prototypes) and 1960 to ...our days (Dassault outrageous domination)

Latest Docavias are extremely expensive. Mirage IV monografic cost about 80 € :eek:

But Jean Cuny books are 40 € per volume. We are talking about 600 pages full of prototype and unbuilt projects. The most comprehensive reference in French unbuilt aircraft to date so...I think it is a right price.

Saludos :D
Hope the 39 views had the good idea to click the "add to favorites" button ::) ;D

You´re right, 80 euros (means around 100$) its not a very expensive price, but for a while I cannot spend this i need to wait a couple of months...maybe Papa Noel, Santa Claus don´t forget me if I behave well....

Yes, french books seem to be more expensive, than e.g. english books. I've never told
my wife, how much I paid for my Docavias ... ::)
But what is worse : They often seem to be printed in quite small numbers, so after a short
while, they are just obtainable second hand or with the help of special shops and then prices
are even higher ...
But, at the risk of repeating myself : I can probably buy a dozen books about the NA
Texan/Harvard, perhaps a handful about the DHC Chipmunk and I think, there are
books about the Yak-18 ... but show me just one book about the MS.470/72/74 Vanneau,
or another french second line aircraft. Even if I have the money and the will to spend
my money for books about french aircraft, very often there's just no opportunity!.
You´re right Jemiba ;D

just try that your wife never discovered the prices of the second hand french books you bought, because surely you´ll gonna need a project of a unbuilt new home.


Maybe they are more expensive because less people buy it... sometimes I think that we don't give a damn about historic aviation in france ???
Sorry to play the (egocentric) moderator) but its a thread about my website, not about the price of French books (but I agree, they are expensive and they not cover all the planes)

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