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1 April 2006
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Gonna buy some eBay stuff from UK seller who don't want to ship in Russia.
Can any forum members from UK help with receiving stuff/sending to my address?
Will pay to seller myself, and cover your S&H expenses via Paypal.

Thanks in advance.

...anyone? I thought we had a couple of hundreds UK members...
If you ever want anything from the US that you can't get shipped to Russia, let me know and I'll get it taken care of. Can't help with the UK though, unless you really want to send it here and then back to Russia!
Help has come from Barry! Thanks to all of you!
Well, now I need the same with US eBay seller. Shipping to your address and re-sending to Moscow, with all expenses compensated via PayPal. Sean (SOC) seems to be away last days, so need someone else...

I surely will find a way to return a favor to one who can help!

Thanks in advance,

please, please...
Thanks, Scott, will e-mail you shortly.
Thank you all, guys. Really appreciated.

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