Focke-Wulf Fw 860

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Another weird plane :eek:

I dit not know this project ???

I found this about it :
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[size=16pt]WHAT AN AICRAFT!!!!!![/size]

So odd, very crazyVTOL-fashioned!!!
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A very interesting feature would have been the landing gear, which should have been
able to change the aircrafts attitude on the ground from vertical to horizontal, without
external help.
Would have been quite a lot of hydraulics built into an aircraft, which was crucially
depending on a very good thrust-to-weight ratio, I think. But SNECMA wanted to use
such an arrangement, too, for its AP 519 design. Would it be worth the added compli-
cations ?
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I wonder what weapons where intended for this design.
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Focke Wulf FW 860 and Snecma AP 519 are the same project
Focke Wulf and Snecma were in negociation in 1957/1958. That's why I think those projects are only one .... :eek:
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"That's why I think those projects are only one .... "

This would mean, the drawing in Cunys "Les Avions Combat De Francais" is wrong.
Seems to be plausible, do you have a source for this statement ?
Not to be misunderstood, I would be happy about it ! No searching for details about the
AP 519 anymore, but simply looking at the Fw 860 ... ;)
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The only reference I know for the Focke Wulf design is B. Lindenbaum's "V/STOL Concepts And Developed Aircraft (Vol I - A Historical Report 1940 - 1986)". Unfortunately, Lindenbaum doesn't give the title of the publication where he has found the description of the Fw 860 :( .

If anyone can help with an independent reference, please tell us to help Alexis for his research.

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Think it's time to open the archives !!!!!!!!!! ;D

A new French-German project ? ??? :eek: ???
Anyone have an idea of how the Fw 860 designation came about, even though it was a company designation, just like the Do 31 designation?

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