Flight International "World air forces" directory - 2021


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Jun 6, 2006
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As said in the title. For once Yahoo has something else than tabloid / people crap...

An interesting document to read. F-16 and Su-27 still leading the pack as far as combat aircraf fleets are concerned. MiG-21 is still going strong.
Never realized that Egypt had Mirage 5s in the first place, including to this very day (!) - along Mirage 2000s, and Rafales. Only lacking F1s to have the entire Dassault saga.
And US and Russian types.

Algeria is one the few countries in the world still with MiG-25s. Heck, they are thus the last country (or so) with Mach 3 aircraft - in your face, Cold War superpowers !

Enjoy !
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