First sub or ship projects

That's a bit of a vague question. Do you mean the first documented designs that were proposed or ordered but never built?

If so... the earliest I can think of offhand is a submarine from the 17th century. I'll need to check to get any details, though. I think there is one from the 16thC, too.

If not take Aristotel's story about Alexander The Great experiments ca.332 BC (attached), and Leonardo daVinci projects, inventor of submarine is Cornelius Drebbel - first scetches appeared in 1578 and live tests were in 1620-1624. First Russian submarine confirmed project appeared in 1718 - it was not far progress from Alexander's barrel-driven eco-design, by Efim Nikonov. Being patriotic guy, I must add that there are several written proofs that Kozaks used kind of submarines attacking Constantinople in 1595 - fresh heads, meanwhile, insist that they just turned their wooden ships bottoms up and used for stealthy approaching to the city walls. So, Kozaks invented stealth ships, if you didn't know that.)))

Talking seriously, Stingray. Search of these facts took me about 5 seconds using Google. Let's use Google for that then yourself, OK? This is kind of easy questions.


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