Fincantieri S90, S1600, S1300, S1000, S800, S500, and S300 CC Submarines


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3 January 2006
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I am looking for information on all of the unbuilt Fincantier submarine designs of the last 20 years and will start by posting full published specs and a line drawing of the canceled S90.
As conceived in the late 1980s, the "Tipo S 90" was presented as a substantially larger follow on to the Sauro class. Oddly, this large conventional design was not offered in the Australian submarine competition, although the loss of the lengthened Sauro class derivative might have been an influence.

The specifications in 1989 were for a 2,230/2,475 ton (surfaced/submerged displacement) submarine with a crew of 50, a length of 74.6 meters and a beam of 7.4 meters, with 6 torpedo tubes and 24 reloads. In its final 1995 iteration, displacement had increased to 2,500/2,780 tons (surfaced/submerged) and length and beam were respectively 69.7 and 8.2 meters.

In any event, after program numbers had been cut from 2 to 4 hull, the program was canceled in favor of the German Type 212. The S 90 never apparently encompassed AIP technology, despite the joint venture between Fincantieri and Maritalia for closed-cycle diesel propulsion with toroidal gas storage.

After the cancellation of the national program, the S 90 design was promoted for export for several years. Any additional drawings or information would be appreciated?


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The S1600 was apparently a smaller export derivative of the canceled S90, although surprisingly, it was marketed alongside the S90 for some years, and might still technically be on offer.

It is unclear if the S1600 was superseded by the new joint venture with Rubin, although the last media reference was in 2006 and it has been dropped from Fincantieri's website.

Any further information, such as specifications or drawings would be greatly appreciated.


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The S1300 was apparently a further version of the Sauro class, on offer for export concurrently with the larger S90 and S1600. There were apparently multiple versions, such as the 1300/1, some of which offered AIP. However, these offering apparently differ from the 2,000 ton stretched Sauro offered to Australia in the 1980s, or the stretched Sauro of similar size offered to the Italian navy from 1994 onward as an alternative to the canceled S90.

I do know that a brochure covering both the S1600 and S1300 was once offered by Fincantieri.

Any further information would be appreciated any any Sauro/S1300 derivative?


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It would appear that the S1000 designation has been applied to multiple projects. The first S1000 was apparently an even smaller derivative of the S1600, which itself seemed to be a scaled down S90. This design may, or may not, have had a conventional rudder arrangement, although, confusingly, it resembled the even smaller S500.

This S1000 is apparently largely unrelated to the latter joint venture with Rubin of the same name?

I would greatly appreciate any further specifications or drawing?


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The smallest member of Fincantieri export portfolio was the S500 (or S600?), although it is unclear if there were two derivatives.

The S500 was a 700 ton (submerged) coastal submarine that was apparently the subject of an unsolicited proposal for a direct replacement of the similarly sized Toti class. This proposal might have included AIP, much like the related S90/S1600/S1000.

Any further information (specifications or drawings( would be greatly appreciated?


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The final Fincantieri offering was the S 300 CC, which was a minisub centered on the concept of closed cycle diesel propulsion with toroidal gas store in the circumference of the hull, hence the "CC" designation. Apparently this form of AIP propulsion was a joint venture with Maritalia, although that company offered its own line of GST minisubs. I have no illustrations or specifications for this design.
Fincantieri's most recent offers are part of a joint venture with Rubin, namely the current S1000, which is featured on Fincantier's website currently. This S1000 is ostensibly based on the Russian Amur 950, but with fuel cell AIP like the Type 212.

Confusingly, there is a larger(?) derivative called the S800, currently on offer to India.

I would greatly appreciate any further information on either current proposal?


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Thanks alot for the info.

I can offer only ;D other Italian submarine :D


The Type 1076 (left) it's the Sauro Class and the Type 1077 (right) it's an improved Toti (as some friends call it) with a displacment of 554/612 tons, overall lenght of 47,47 m, vmax of 18 knot, range of 4.200 nm submerged with snorkel, max deep of 180 m

An image of S 300 ('80)

and the derived MS200 (2002)

lenght of 28 m and a displacement of 250 tons

a small description of S90 Class
S-90 submarine shown as at a Naval Expo - under Selenia Elsag pavillion


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Italians did a number of mini-submarine proposals as well


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I do not post very frequently, but subs and airplanes are some of my favorite subjects. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of information on the subs that you requested, I have a good amount of info on Japanese midget subs and currently I am working on a LA Class in 1:144th scale.

Just by the looks of things it looks as if the 1600 is based upon the Type 214 from Germany. As I understand it Fincantieri and the original German manufacture partnered for the boats that were delivered to Italy of this type. It seems that the 1000 also is a derivative of the Type 212, though without comparing hull diameters and lengths this is pure conjecture, but it would seem to fit given the circumstance with the Type 214 that were deliverd to Italy.

Looks like the S-1000 project has been reactivated:
Pity that some of the images in this thread are lost
JAZZ said:
Italians did a number of mini-submarine proposals as well

Any more info on the GMS designs anyone?


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