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22 January 2006
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Source: A book about "How future tech will be" from 1983 (original tittle unknown, I have the Spanish edition). The book is a compilation of conceptual art from Rudolf and Robbert Das.

I start this topic with Sport Aircraft Concepts: the Comac and Super Comac

According to the authors that design could be series produced by the year 2000: the circular wing is inflatable, the engine is a light hydrogen turbine ???, max speed about 500 Km/h and autonomy is 100 Km for Comac and 200 Km for Super Comac.


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Rudolf and Robbert Das
are from from Netherlands, the Twins are technical designer and futurologist.

born in 23 January of 1929 (robber 45 minutes after Rudolf)
in 1953 they make there names in Aircraft Art with the Vickers Supermarine swift.
(Top secret in that Time)
later there chance to future oriented assignment for Industry
and became famous futurologist in Benelux

the Illustration are from
"Zicht op de Toekomst" Elsevier 1983, in Dutch language ISBN-90-10-04793-8

other books of Twins Das
"Wegen naar de Toekomst" Tirion 1993, in Dutch language ISBN-90-5121-345-X

"Toekomst Beelden-Vision of the Future"
Tirion 1999, in Dutch AND English language ISBN-90-5121-9040 for 35€

"Toekomst Flitsen - Future Flashes"
Tirion 2004, in Dutch AND English language ISBN-90-4390-540-2 for 20€

and how good are there prediction ?
in 1983 they talk about very Small Videocamera, Mobilphones for masses, a small City Car ( Smart ),
very big passenger airliner (Airbus 380)
the end of Soviet union by Economic and political collaps in next 10 years !
Many thanks for the info Michel. I had no details about their biography.
Tonight I'm going to scan more drawings from the book the and I'll post along the next days.


can you Scan also the mini Tank in Chapter 6 for Army Secrets, Please ?
The Vampire mini-tank

Weight: 2000 Kg
Lenght: 4 m
Autonomy: 1000 Km
Armament: 1x20 mm cannon, Missile launcher (8 rounds)


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In action...


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Military aircraft evolution up to 2005 ;)

I bought the book in 1983 when I was a teenager but that's "retrofuture" now.


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The Submarine Aircraft Carrier


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Tonight I'll end the series with the Mega-Jumbo Flying Boat (A classic in every Future Vision from 1920) and the "Police Air Force" aircraft.

Enjoy :)

Thanks :D

The "Vampiers" Tank
was a 1980s study of Das twin over Tank warfare
after analyse of WW2 and modern Tankwar.
they consider a dramatic chance in Tank warfare in 1990-2000s by Rocket weapons and Tactical Neutronbombs.

they proposed redruction of Crew to one Men or even remotecontrolt
incease on numbers of tanks by downsize the Tank made from Carbonfiber and Aluminum.
with a mass production of those mini tanks, they hope to push USSR economic closer to collaps.

equip with TV-Opitcal, Infrared, Laser pointer (for Rocket target or as radar ?) sensors.
for Fast Transport to Battlefield, the Das Twin use Ballistic flight for tank !
launch by 2 solid rocket on the Battle Tanks and Control Tank they fly max 10000 km far.
(or drop from Airtransporter)
(like Lifting Body) after that they glide on double parachute to target max 1000 km.
after landing the Control Tank dig himself under ground (to Protect the Pilot for Neutronbomb)
the Pilot control several battletanks and give them resupply an ammo module

Numbers on Illustration are:
1. Double parachute for maximum 1000 km glidefly
2. Wings (for Glide and Landing) with 8 Rockets inside
3. Launch Booster (2) for Ballistic transport flight maximum 10000 km
4. access door to inside the tank
5. Parachute holder mechanism
6. Engine and Dynamo for 9.
7. Jump rocket (2) for jumps of 6 meter high
8. Main Weapon 8 mediumrange Rocket (Nuclear warhead as option)
9. Electric power drive (2)
10. Weapon Module: here 10 Shortrange rocket and 20mm Gun
11. Tank Electronic system (the tank resuply at Control tank)
12. A drop Weapon Module
13. Control and supply Tank ( here already covert with earth)
14. Fueltank
15. Controlsytem for Manned Tank version.

the Das twin predict that Jumbo jet is geting to Small in future Traffic
and they need Bigger Airliner or Faster. with look on Concorde, Das think the Super Jumbo is solution.
(Wat became real with Airbus 380 )

and beyond the Airbus 380 ? this is predicting for year 2030 the GIGANT.

Airliner with 5 deck
for 300 Cars and 1000 passenger
weight 1500 Tons length, 130 meters, 13 m ø hull.
crusespeed in 12 km high | 900 km/H

300 Cars in Cargobay ?
they Idea was Tourist take there car with them to vacation !
and Boarding the Plane is like RoRo Ferry, The Passengers drive with there Cars in Plane !

but the mass of Aircraft is very heavy and will have Problem with airport in third world
solution: use of hoovercraft system to move from Terminal to lake or Sea to take off.
is a Seaplane.

engines are fueled by Hydrogene or LNG

That's the last of the series. The Police Air Force concept. In my personal opinion it is a police vehicle with machine guns and rockets/missiles it is a bit excesive.




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In my personal opinion it is a police vehicle with machine guns and rockets/missiles it is a bit excesive.

This was posted in 2008
in 2022 the Belgium Police wants to arm there Police Helicopters
do increase incidents were criminals fire assault rifles on Police Helicopters.
In my personal opinion it is a police vehicle with machine guns and rockets/missiles it is a bit excesive.

This was posted in 2008
in 2022 the Belgium Police wants to arm there Police Helicopters
do increase incidents were criminals fire assault rifles on Police Helicopters.
Blue Thunder comes to mind.
I don't understand what you mean ?
There were two Anime ships of that name...the first was a sub-carrier...an absolute monster
View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=810&v=Lf9PZ99iZFs&feature=youtu.be

—the second just a Yamato (Argo) type with a back porch, if you will.
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Well, some designer likes partying on pontoon boats...some shade...
That “sun shade”’reminds us of the cope-armour fitted on Russian tanks currently fighting in Ukraine or the Israeli Merkava tanks currently fighting in Gaza.
Submarine Aircraft Carrier by Donald Yatomi
Looks cool but it's gonna take a whole 40 hour week to either surface or submerge it.

And then there's the underwater wake which something that big is going to create, there are sensors now which can find that kind of thing.
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