Fairey Sea-Skimmer


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4 June 2006
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This is mentioned in British Secret Projects: Hypersonics, Ramjets and Missiles.

This had a range of 40 miles but was apparently cancelled due to guidance problems.

Does anyone know the size and weights and warhead size of the missile, there is a picture in BSP of what is said to be varients of two under the wings of a Bristol Type 175 MR aircraft.
Dear All,
I have long maintained that no information on projects is completely lost.
Yesterday I turned up something I have been looking for since 1997 – Fairey’s Project 7 – the Sea Skimmer.

Rolls-Royce Soar engine
Warhead - 1900lb
Launch weight - 3500lb
Range - 15 nautical miles (by fitting a 1700lb warhead and increasing fuel by 200lb, range could be increased to 50nm)
Span – 9ft (3ft 4in folded)
Length – 16ft
Flush, NACA-style intakes on each side.

I wonder what those missiles are under the Bristol 175MR...


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Very interesting, a bigger warhead than I was expecting and WRT the missiles shown on the Bristol 175MR...yes I wonder what they were.

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