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Dear all,
LM has unveiled its MMRCA contender . As of date it is unbuilt and may never go into production. Nevertheless....


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The Full glass cockpit looks like the biggest update here.
But given that the radar is presumably the same as on the F-16C Block 60 from UAE and the IRST is missing, I wander what makes this the most advanced F-16 ever?
the radar and the glass cocpit are the same as on the block 60 . So is the engine. The delta wing was never on the anvil as the IAF was never gonna subsidise the development of what would have essentially been a new plane . LM may allow some MKIsation.
F-16IN is a very competitive aircraft for the tender but the biggest problem but for Russia is quality now.They must prove their reliability again after Algeria situation and I think mig corporation should support by the goverment with new equipments.
With all the PR about "supercruise," LockMart gives us what outwardly looks like a warmed-over F-16E/F.

How competitive will the F-16IN be in the Indian fighter competition? Has the Indian Air Force indicated what direction it's leaning in? While I don't see the Super Hornet being competitive, I would suspect that a non-US aircraft would have the inside track right now.

Avionics-wise, how is the F-16IN better than the Block 52's that Pakistan recently purchased?
Most interesting... I see that they had clearance to sell the APG-80 despite the UAE having paid for it. EW system is the ITT fit that the Chileans have. The cockpit looks like the E/F. No internal EO - but that also makes it possible to adopt better systems as the technology improves.
who's to say they didn't work a deal with the UAE? ???
the former Indian airforce chief S.P Tyagi had remarked just before leaving office, that rather than the shape of the aircraft (aerodynamic performance) IT WAS WHAT WAS INSIDE THE AIRCRAFT THAT MATTERED ( AVIONICS ETC) .....
moreover though it is well known that an AESA is eminently desirable ../ however whether this has been included in the RFP or not is not known ... in any case a CAESAR derivative may find its way into the LCA (potentially and recent news) .... However even though the US jets as of date have a better overall avionics package ... buying them is far from certain .. especially when it was recently revealed that the USS Trention was transferred with as many strings attached as the old cabling on it ... horrible PR .. couple this with the fact that the LCA program received a set back due to sanctions .. the sea king fleet ( american parts ) was virtually grounded due to sanctions after pokhran-2 ..etc.. unless you have a govt with a decided tilt towards the U.S .. you probably won't see uncle sam equipment ... the IAF won't buy russki unless everybody offers issues rather than a plane .. gripen will be ruled out by a veto DRDO/ADA folks actually have on procurement (though most don't like to hear about it) ... thus thye EF and Rafale look strong contenders once more .. . hey even an all up SH costs a hell of a lot.
Here;s a new impression of the F-16IN from the latest issue of Lockheed Martin's Code One magazine. Note the deployable refuelling boom housed in the conformal fuel tank. For the article:

"This aircraft will feature a refueling boom that retracts from the right conformal fuel tank. The boom allows the F-16IN to operate with India Air Force probe-and-drogue style aerial refueling systems similar to those used by the US Navy. The refueling boom is now being flight tested in Fort Worth."

Several other systems distinguish the F-16IN from the Block 60, including an electronic warfare system and radar modes tailored for India, dragchute, datalink, satellite communication, and a helmet-mounted cueing system. The F-16IN will carry the Sniper targeting pod as well."



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Just call me Ray said:
...no delta wing?

Given the stage of its lifecycle, I can't imagine that Lockheed gave any real thought to major airframe mods.


It always cracks me up, those trademarked patriotic catch phrases that PR people insist on putting next to the company logo to make them seem less "evil" or "profit-driven" . Like "Lockheed Martin: we never forget who we're working for". Err...India? ;)

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