Douglas A-4 Skyhawk

Some snippets on A-4 Skyhawk export prospects.

Kenya: (Israeli A-4s!)






Peru (in preference to Su-22s!):

Somebody has found a great new resource for aviation history...

Any chance you browse A-7 similar prospects ? Aérospatiale, France, was to manufacture some of them for the Aéronavale circa 1972 as an alternative to the doomed Jaguar M.
Competitors were a naval F-1, Skyhawk, Harrier, and a dark horse: the Super Etendard, except with a J52 turbojet rather than Atar-8.
I had a cursory look for the A-7 (the search feature is sub-optimal but it is a great resource!) and only really turned up an LTV rep visit to Peru. I didn't post it because it wasn't clear how interested the Peruvians were or whether export was even permissible (in the era of the documents available it was policy to only allow A-4s, F-5s or A/T-37s for "Latin America"). I will have another look soon and maybe try to look for any P&W/SNECMA linkage as the TF30 may lead me there by another route?

ETA: There was also some discussion on Pakistan and the A-7 but as it was quite intimately linked with their nuclear programme, I didn't post because politics.

ETA2: Scrap that. SNECMA is co-oping with GE on the CFM-56 by the time of the documents available.
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Thank you, saw this post after seeing the A-7 thread.

A-4 was a very strong contender for the Clemenceaus, one even tested onboard.
Anyone found anything on the A-4 Skyhawk International design study by Douglas? From what I've read, it was supposed to have been able to employ Aim-7 Sparrow III AAM's........
I'll try and find the source of where I read this proposal......

Going through a Kew file I found reference to a diplomatic spat in 1993 between the USA and UK on the US sale of refurbished A-4s to Argentina, the main point of contention was the planned fitting of an "Emerson radar" and the US decrying the potential sale of Hawk 100 and 200 to Chile as "destabilising".
The exact type of radar was not specified, but presumably the AN/APG-69 (or a lesser probability could be the AN/APQ-167).

Has anyone ever come across any mention of such an A-4 upgrade before? My copies of Jane's Civil and Military Aircraft Upgrades 1993-94 and Jane's Radar and EW Systems 1990-91 have drawn a blank.
The upgrade seems to predate the A-4AR deal by a couple of years - which of course ended up with Westinghouse APG-66V2.
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