Douglas, 1963 - 66, Charles Villiers, Post-NOVA and EMPIRE

Paul Kenny

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7 March 2009
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Hello there. My name is Paul Kenny, and I am writing the biography of Anglo-American automotive, aeronautic and astronautic engineer and society portrait painter, Charles Amherst Villiers. It will be published by Haynes in September under the title The Man Who Supercharged Bond, and distributed in the US by MBI.
He was generally known in the US as Charles, or Chuck Villiers, and worked for Douglas in Santa Monica from Jauary 1993 until late 1965 or early 1966, when I believed he retired (he was born in December 1900).
I understand he studied Post-NOVA heavy lift launch vehicles when he joined, and later worked on Project EMPIRE. One design project he worked on involved clustering Saturn V rockets. A friend who saw one of his design drawings noted a tiny spike on it which was dwarfed by the vehicle. This was the 555 foot tall Washington Memorial, drawn to scale, and prompted the friend to suggest that, on take-off, this massive vehicle would not only fry Cape Canaveral but most of Florida too!
Does anyone remember Villiers from his time with Douglas? Any help very gratefully received.
Best wishes

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