Dornier LA-2000 Stealth Aircraft


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26 May 2006
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Text from Flight International:

Dornier reveals stealth study
Dornier's study for a subsonic ground attack aircraft with a very low radar signature has resulted in this design, designated LA-2000. It features a 6m3 internal weapons bay with a
retractable weapons platform. Air intakes for the twin unreheated low-bypass turbofan engines, each with a thrust of 2,550kg, are under the wing leading edge, with the jet pipes
exhausting at the trailing edge of the wing through a single two-dimensional vectoring nozzle.
Does anyone have a decent guess as to what the proposed engines could have been? I have been having a bit of a search and cant find any close enough to the proposed thrust figure.
The Adour which powers the Jaguar and Hawk springs readily to mind.
This aircraft is puzzling me a lot. According do Dough Richardson´s Stealth Warplanes, "The original drawing on which the magazine´s sketch was based had not been released by the company, but seems to have leaked from the German defence ministry."

This answers my question, how it is possible that it was published so soon (in 1986), but raises another obvious question - is the original drawing still available somewhere? And where to dig for the rest of original material - in some EADS archive or museum?
Another artist 3-view drawing of the Dornier LA-2000 stealth aircraft.

Some Info from the short article:
Wingspan: ~10m
Weapons bay: 6m³, 2 tons weapons load
Project weight: 11.6 tons

Source: Interavia Germany, May 1986, page unknown


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My friend only said that it appeared in a certain private thread at FB, without any mentioned source, sorry.
IMHO the picture is taken from an issue of the Swiss magazine Interavia. :confused: Unfortunately the two university libraries near me are currently closed...:(
My friend only said that it appeared in a certain private thread at FB, without any mentioned source, sorry.


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