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overscan (PaulMM)

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27 December 2005
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If you are one of the newer members of the forum, you may not know that for the last two years, Secret Projects hosting has been largely paid for by member donations.

In order to keep my wife happy for another year I will need some help towards next year's costs. At current exchange rates, one year's hosting ($25/month) will cost about £205.

Obviously this is going to be a tough year for many of us and you may not be able to afford much, but it only takes 40 people to donate £5 each to cover the cost.

If you wish to donate via Paypal then please click one of the "Donate" buttons at the bottom of every page.
Well, thank you very much to the donators so far. You know who you are. Especially you Gary.
Hi all!

Thanks to some rather generous individual donations, we now have £279.03 in the forum fund. This should be enough for at least 16 months unless the pound nosedives even further on the currency markets.

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